Why does my neck crack during an adjustment? And other common questions.

Why does my neck crack during an adjustment? And other common questions.

Have you ever wondered why your neck cracks during an adjustment? If you’ve received chiropractic care before, you’ve probably heard the sound of clicking, popping, and cracking during your adjustment, which is completely normal. An adjustment may even leave your neck, back, or the area being treated slightly sore. Soreness is also completely normal following an adjustment. If you’ve ever wondered “why does my neck crack during an adjustment?” read on to discover why, as well as see other commonly asked questions about chiropractic care.

Why does my neck crack during an adjustment?

The reason your neck cracks during an adjustment is because oxygen molecules are being released as the joints of your spine are being moved. Your entire spine (which runs all the way through your neck) is comprised of joints. The joints are what allow for flexibility and movement in your spine.

Your joints can become misaligned from small (or severe) injuries, poor posture, stress, lifting or moving heavy objects, stress, and excess weight. When your joints become misaligned, this can create a host of problems. It can lead to nerve interference, which prevents the nervous system from functioning properly by limiting the electrical potential of nerves. It can also create pain in the nerves, which can lead to uncomfortable symptoms like sciatica.

Why do I need to seek regular treatment?

Chiropractic care is ongoing maintenance for your body’s well-being, balance, and health. Just like it is impossible to eat one meal and never eat again, it’s not possible to have one chiropractic session and never seek chiropractic treatment again and still get the full benefits of that session.

Your body will find a way to release pressure and tension from its own joints, but unfortunately, this can contribute to poor posture, degeneration, and pain. “Self” adjustments, which occur when people use nearby props or just their own body’s momentum and stretch to crack their joints, can be problematic, as these “self” adjustments are often performed too often, too aggressively, and in the wrong direction.

Seeking regular chiropractic treatment is an invaluable part of a healthy and holistic lifestyle, as it ensures that your spinal structure is constantly being geared toward upright posture and natural alignment. Slouched shoulders, text neck, scoliosis, and other postural deformities create their own problems over time, and can negatively affect the body and its overall health.

Can I get an adjustment on a full stomach?

Yes, you can get an adjustment on a full stomach, but it is not recommended. Chiropractic care is typically a gentle procedure, but it does often involve gently placing the body into a twist position in order to create the correct angles for ideal spinal alignment.

If you have a full stomach during your chiropractic treatment, there is a chance that you may not be as flexible or limber as usual which could reduce the range of motion available for you to receive your adjustment. When possible, try to visit your expert chiropractor on an empty stomach, or at least 30 to 60 minutes after eating.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Your chiropractic appointment will require that your body be moved in various positions, likely including some that are seated or flat. In order for your torso to move easily, as well as your neck, and in some cases, your limbs, wear clothing that is comfortable and yielding to movement.

Stray away from denim, which typically isn’t stretchy or loose enough on the body to allow for comfortable movement within a significant range. Instead, opt for fabrics that you would feel comfortable stretching in. This will not only help you to be comfortable during your treatment, but it will allow you to embody the most complete range of motion possible to receive the highest amount of benefits from your session.

What is the best age to get chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is fantastic at any age! The sooner you or a loved one can receive chiropractic care, the better. If the care is corrective, which means correcting poor posture or misalignment, starting at a younger age is ideal. The younger the body, the more pliable and adaptable the bones and joints typically are. Being younger is very helpful in creating significant changes in the shape of the spine, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Many people are able to experience significant improvements in their posture and spinal alignment even deep into adulthood.

Can chiropractic care truly correct scoliosis?

This depends. Scoliosis is an abnormal, s-shaped curvature in the spine. The cause of scoliosis varies from individual to individual, but if properly treated, the abnormal curve can be reduced or even resolved.

What defines “proper treatment?” Again, this varies from individual to individual, and it depends on every single unique spine. There is no cookie-cutter treatment available for treating scoliosis because every case is different.

What’s the difference between Advanced Spine and Posture and regular chiropractic?

At Advanced Spine and Posture of Lansing, MI, we use a special technique called Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP). CBP is specifically designed to produce long-term changes in the shape of the spine, much like orthodontics can adjust the shape and structure of the teeth.

At ASP, our expert chiropractors design an entirely new treatment plan for every single individual who steps through the door. After taking a series of x-rays, completing a detailed visual assessment, and utilizing advanced digital technology, your expert chiropractor in Lansing, MI will be able to help identify where you would benefit most from treatment.

Your unique treatment plan will be based on your initial consultation information, and your treatment will likely include many of the transformational techniques of Chiropractic BioPhysics®. If you’re ready to experience the power of chiropractic care, book your appointment today. Whether you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, poor posture, or you simply want to increase your overall standard of health and lifestyle, rest easy knowing that chiropractic care can help!

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