Why Chiropractic Care Should Be On Your To-Do List This Thanksgiving

Why Chiropractic Care Should Be On Your To-Do List This Thanksgiving

Every year as Thanksgiving approaches, families prepare their holiday to-do lists with shopping, baking, and decorating items and tasks-but few people add chiropractic care to their list!

Generally speaking, holidays are a period of time during which self-care is more necessary than ever due to rising stress-levels. Not surprisingly, holidays-some of the busiest times of the year-are when people find themselves neglecting their self-care efforts the most. Unfortunately, because of the increased stress on the body and mind that holidays can create, neglecting self-care during this time can have deleterious effects on both the mind and the body.

This year, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at Advanced Spine & Posture in Green Valley, NV for chiropractic care as closely as possible to your Thanksgiving holiday.

Digestion & Chiropractic Care

On Thanksgiving, intuitive and thoughtful eating is often overlooked in favor of infinite plates of delicious, home-cooked food. This can lead to digestive difficulties beyond the holiday itself and well into the days that follow, as leftovers are consumed and the after-effects of overeating are fully felt.

Chiropractic care plays a very significant role in digestive function, and can both support and help to rebalance healthy or unbalanced digestion. The nervous system, which chiropractic care works directly on by way of the spine, provides indirect but critical information to the digestive system. Have you ever noticed that feelings of anxiety can induce stomach pain, and stomach pain can induce feelings of anxiety? Not coincidentally, the stomach and digestive track are often thought of as the “second brain” due to the rich content of messenger neurotransmitters the are present there. By attending to the nervous system, the digestive system is significantly affected.


Adjustments and spinal traction effect the digestive system in different ways. When a chiropractic adjustment takes place, there is a surge of circulation through the body as stagnant joints and tissues are refreshed, compressed nerves are released, and tightened muscles and ligaments relax. This soothing and energizing phenomenon produces a rejuvenating result on digestion, can can produce and encourage improved movement immediately, as well as in the days and weeks following.

Spinal Traction

Spinal traction is a process that takes place over a longer duration of time. Based on a comprehensive set of x-rays and an advanced postural analysis, spinal traction is customized to return joints and bones in the back and neck to their optimal position over time. Spinal traction is an excellent treatment for individuals with scoliosis or chronic back pain that never abates. When back pain occurs consistently, it suggests that the spine’s natural curvature has changed over time-a very common occurrence. Oftentimes, when the spine is returned to its natural curve, back pain is greatly reduced or eliminated. With regard to digestion, over the course of treatment through the use of spinal traction, pressure is removed from organs and tissues that may have been compressed due to the abnormal spine shape. This can greatly improve elimination and other persistent digestive difficulties which had no previously identifiable root cause over the long-term.

Stress Relief & Chiropractic Care

When the body is stressed, the mind is stressed. What manifests as persistent anxiety can sometimes be the mind’s interpretation of bodily imbalance, and once that balance is corrected, the mind is released from its anxious state.

During the holidays, anxiety is higher than usual for a multitude of reasons-there is often a lot to do, many people to see, and a change of schedule that in and of itself can put the body through a stressful transition, even if the schedule change means less work.

Chiropractic care’s soothing effect on the nervous system is one of its greatest applications in stress relief. Following a chiropractic treatment, which typically involves a manual manipulation of the body in various locations, blood circulation is increased and pinched and constricted nerves are relieved. As fresh nutrient and oxygen-loaded blood flows throughout the body, inflammation is decreased, and healing outcomes for any injuries or strained systems and areas are substantially improved. Both regular and intermittent chiropractic care can be vastly therapeutic for the body, decreasing the stress baseline progressively over time.

Cognition & Chiropractic Care

During the holidays, digestion is not the only thing that is strained-cognition is often strained, as well. Between food, drinks, and festivities, lifestyles can change rapidly during the holidays. Normal exercise routines and food choices may be foregone in lieu of seasonal choices, and the effects of this can derail the body’s adapted rhythm and interrupt previous patterns.

Chiropractic care offers powerful solutions for rebalancing cognition and refreshing brain chemistry and patterning. For example, when a chiropractic adjustment is completed, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) increases in the body and brain area. Cerebrospinal fluid is responsible for delivering nutrients to the brain, as well as removing waste and toxins. When cerebrospinal fluid stagnates, health and cognition can deteriorate. CSF can stagnate when physical activity has sharply decreased, as it tends to do during the holidays, or simply with age or a sedentary lifestyle. Through the application of chiropractic care, CSF can be recirculated throughout the body with improved cognition outcomes.

Another byproduct of chiropractic care is improved blood circulation and lymph drainage. Chiropractic treatment can aid in natural sinus congestion relief, the sensation of which can actually cause a feeling of “brain fogginess.” Chiropractic care can boost immune system function, as well, which can contribute to enhanced cognition and protect against seasonal illnesses which tend to run concurrently with end-of-year holidays like Thanksgiving.

Giving Thanks for Chiropractic Care

At Advanced Spine & Posture’s Green Valley clinic in Henderson, NV, we take pride in our chiropractic care offerings, as well as in the multifaceted services we offer. Our approach to health and wellness is holistic and inclusive-in addition to chiropractic care, we ensure that medical doctors, physician’s assistants, and physical therapists are available to supplement and bolster our chiropractic interventions, ensuring that you receive all the help you so deserve.

This Thanksgiving, chiropractic care can aid you in feeling sharper and clearer, digesting with ease, and finding yourself stress-free as you enter into the busiest holiday season of the year. Make your appointment at our Green Valley clinic today-and have a very happy holiday season!

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