Tips for Moving Day to Prevent Injury

Tips for Moving Day to Prevent Injury

At some point everyone has to experience the stress that goes along with moving day. There are so many things to worry about when you are moving, or helping someone move into a new home so the last thing you want to be worrying about is back pain or injury. If you will be involved in the moving process any time soon these tips will help make sure things go smoothly and you don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Proper Attire

When you are moving into a new home it is important to be conscious about what you are wearing and how it is affecting the move. Tight clothes are restricting and don’t leave room for the muscles to move freely. Wearing looser clothing along with sturdy shoes with plenty of support will provide more comfort and will be safer for your back.

Have Proper Help

While moving, there will be plenty of heavy furniture that needs lifting. It is very important that you do not attempt to move any heavy furniture without help. Lifting the furniture alone could cause permanent damage to your back.

Lift Properly

Always remember to lift with your knees not your back. Improper technique while lifting heavy boxes or furniture is sure to leave you with back discomfort and the possibility of serious injury. When getting ready to lift a heavy object, bend at your knees and lift with your lower body keeping your head up and your back straight.

Proper Planning

When organizing your move, make sure you have a plan for all your furniture. Mapping out where everything is going to go will make sure you aren’t doing any unnecessary lifting or furniture moving throughout the day and your back will thank you when you’re done.

Follow these tips to ensure a safe move. If you are noticing any discomfort or back pain or are seeking out more information please visit one of our doctors chiropractic in Las Vegas, NV – Advanced Spine and Posture to see if they can help.

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