The Right Ways to Stretch Your Neck to Alleviate Cervical Pain


If you’re suffering from chronic neck pain, you’re not alone. Pain in the neck and surrounding areas of the cervical spine is one of the most common chronic ailments in the United States. At Advanced Spine & Posture, cervical pain accounts for a huge number of our new Las Vegas, NV patients.

Office workers and others with sedentary careers are especially at risk of experiencing cervical pain. Spending extended periods of time seated or hunched over a computer will damage the health of your spine, particularly in the neck area.

Incorporating regular exercise and proactively seeking out chiropractic care are among the best ways to prevent cervical pain from becoming a serious problem in your life.

A note on severe pain

If you find yourself experiencing significant neck and cervical spine pain, it’s important to stabilize your neck and seek medical attention immediately.

Keep your neck still directly after the pain begins. This will allow the muscles to rest and recover. Do not let your neck rest too long, though! This can cause additional stiffness; making it challenging to regain your full range of motion.

Stretching for pain relief

At the first sign of cervical pain, consult with a chiropractor about the nature and severity of that pain. They’ll be able to help you stay ahead of it by delivering adjustments and other forms of specialized treatment.

After receiving chiropractic adjustments, you need to continue addressing neck pain at home. Incrementally keeping on top of cervical pain at home is the best way to avoid the vicious cycle of its return. Stretching is vitally important. It not only loosens tight muscles to reduce pain, it preserves range of motion to prevent mobility issues. Here are a few of the most effective stretches for coping with cervical pain:

  • Tilt: While seated, with your back straight and upright, slowly tilt your head down until your chin is pressing against your chest. Hold this position for at least five seconds. Return your head to an upright position, and repeat the motion five times.
  • Side tilt: Starting with your right side, tilt your head until your ear presses against your shoulder, and hold it for five seconds. Then, return to your starting position and repeat the process to your left.
  • Turn: Look straight ahead, with your head completely level and your neck in its usual stationary position. Then, turn your head all the way to your left, as far as it will go, keeping your head level at all times. Repeat the stretch to your left.
  • Stretch: Begin by holding your back straight in a seated position, and extend your head forward, stretch out your neck. Hold this position for five seconds, and return to your original position. Then, attempt to stretch your neck backward as far as possible, holding a consistent position for at least five seconds.

Do these stretches several times each day for maximum effect. It’s best to coordinate them with something you do routinely, like eating meals. For additional stretches or advice on how to cope with your specific type of cervical pain, consult with your chiropractor.

Advanced Spine & Posture will help you put together a stretching regimen as part of a complete Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) approach to cervical spine health. We’re determined to give our Las Vegas, NV patients the individualized help they need to break the cycle of cervical pain.

Chiropractic BioPhysics, or CBP, is one of the most scientific, researched, and results-oriented corrective care techniques. CBP-trained chiropractors aim to realign the spine back to health, eliminating nerve interference and addressing the source of pain, fatigue, and disease. As with all chiropractic care, CBP is gentle, painless, and non-invasive.

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