Residing in Las Vegas and suffering from back pain? The chiropractors at Advanced Spine and Posture will take care of you!

Having trouble finding a trustable Back pain is a pretty common complication nowadays that can happen to anybody of any ages. It is annoying and uncomfortable because it hurts when your body is moving which makes you unable to work or do errands.

Residing in Las Vegas and suffering from back pain

What causes a back pain?

There are many daily reasons that might lead to back pain. The most common reason is strained muscle resulted from lifting things that are too heavy or lifting something improperly. A back pain is also caused by an injury to the ligaments that supports the back. For instances, when you fall while playing sports, your spine will become overly pressed and lead to a ruptured intervertebral disc, which in turn causing back pain. There are also many other causes including poor postures while sitting, medical conditions such as cancer, sleep disorders, spine infections, and so on.

What are the risk factors?

Firstly, as stated above, back pain can happen to any single person of any ages. However, the older you are, the more likely it can affect you. As you get older, your bones and muscles become weaker. The intervertebral disc will also gradually lose fluid and flexibility. These things create opportunities for back pain to take place. Secondly, if you don’t exercise enough or you are being overweight, your back muscles won’t be strong enough to support the spine and it causes back pain. Other factors are genetic, mental health, pregnancy.

How can you treat a back pain?

Back pain’s treatments are various that depend on how severe the pain is. Usually, people will choose surgery but there is also another way to go: Chiropractic. In case you don’t know what chiropractic is, it is a health care system to diagnose and manipulate the structure of the body, misalignment of the joints, and the spine. It is used as a direct approach to focus on adjusting spinal joints and relieving pain using hands. Chiropractic is recommended as the most positive and effective treatment for back pain. If you are living in Las Vegas and suffering back pain, please consider going to Advanced Spine and Posture for a chiropractic treatment. Advanced Spine and Posture is a chiropractic health care center in Las Vegas focusing on improving patients’ body health by proving them a comprehensive medical understanding with evidence-based recommendations to improve their life quality.

Advance Spine and Posture is led by Dr. David R. Golan, who has completed both Medical School and Residency in Emergency Medicine. Currently, Dr. David is the Medical Director of both Optimage Age Management and Aliante IPM (Integrated Physical Medicine). He is passionate about proactive preventative health, age management and physical medicine. Advanced Spine and Posture also has many other experts such as Dr. Jason Jaeger who is a licensed chiropractor in California, Arizona and Nevada; Dr. Creig Christensen who possesses vast knowledge of sports chiropractic; and many other professional chiropractors.

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