How to Prevent Injury When Lifting Heavy Objects


We often don’t think about the objects we lift around the house and the damage it could be doing to our backs and spine. Small children, furniture, and large boxes are just some of the things that we commonly carry throughout the house. We may get away with it dozens or even hundreds of times without injury, but it takes just one episode to tweak our bodies. It is important to know how to lift heavy objects properly to prevent injury.

Look Before Lifting

Stop and look at what you have to pick up. Is the object heavier than it looks? How far does the object need to be moved? Is there anything in the way of the path where you will be walking? These are all important questions to figure out before taking any action.

Position Your Body Correctly

Stand close to the object with your feet shoulder width apart and then bend at the knees towards the item you’re going to lift. Sit all the way back in a squatted position with your weight shifted to your heels.

Lift With Your Legs

Making sure you have a good grip on the object, slowly stand using your leg muscles to propel you upwards. It is important to keep your back straight with your head up. Be sure to keep your body facing the object and do not twist your back.

Walk and Squat

If you are walking with the object, try to carry it close to your waist with the heaviest side facing your body. Holding the heavier side away from you may cause you to strain your back to compensate for the unsupported weight. With the same squatting position you used to pick up your item, slowly lower it to the ground. Do not bend down with your back. This way, you will prevent injury

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