How to Prevent Back Injury During a Workout

How to Prevent Back Injury During a WorkoutAs we get closer to summer many people are looking to spend time in the gym to prepare but they wonder if they can, or should, still workout and train when they experience back injury. It is important to remember that difficult workouts can put stain on your back and potentially injure you if you do not do it properly.

These tips will help you maintain back comfort while still having the freedom to hit the gym.

  1. Warm up. It is very important to stretch the back muscles and do light cardio before any strenuous workouts.
  1. Lift from your knees not your back. Lifting anything heavy from the ground will put immense strain on the back. Be sure you are lifting from your legs and knees so all of the weight is not placed on your back.
  1. Always use proper form. Make sure you know how to properly do any new exercise before trying it and always maintain the proper form. This is how people injure themselves in the gym.
  1. Make sure the machine is set to you. Regardless of what type of work out you are doing, if it requires any sort of machine make sure it is set up to accommodate your height. Not doing this could potentially put strain on your back.
  1. Lift lighter weight. Showing off in the gym will do nothing but injure your back. Make sure you are lifting the appropriate weight for you and that you are not pushing yourself too far thus injuring yourself.

If getting in shape for this summer is something you are interesting in don’t let potential back injury hold you back, but remember safety is important. Visit your doctor and be educated before you step into the gym and listen to your body. If you are experiencing back pain please contact Advanced Spine and Posture to see if they can help.

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