Posture Correction: Does it matter?

Posture Correction

Do you really know that posture plays an important role in your health? Your parents probably corrected your posture while we were a child, they told you not to sit in one place for too long, to stand straight and so on. Have you ever questioned why posture is necessary and how posture could affect your health? This article will answer some common questions and gives you advices to correct your postures if needed.

What is posture and does it matter?

Posture is a position of the body while you are sitting, standing or lying down. It can affect how you breathe, the way you move, and the growth of your skeletons.

So what is a good posture? Good posture is a position in which your muscles and bones hold your body straight against gravity. If you have a good posture, your muscles will need minimal efforts and pressure to hold your body up. Here are some benefits of having a good posture: it helps you keep your bones in a correct alignment thus decreases the level of degeneration in your joints; it reduces the pressure on the ligaments that holding the spinal joints; thus, minimizes the potential of having injury; it helps prevent muscle strain, allowing muscle to move more efficiently.

On the other hand, poor posture is a bad position that causes physical sores, muscle imbalance and bones misalignments. Poor posture can lead to many pain problems and body imperfections. People with poor posture tend to be more prone to injury and more likely have a back pain. In this modern world, the most common bad posture now is called “text neck.” Most people have a phone nowadays and they always hunch over while texting. As a result, the chest will get tighten while the back will be rounded, causing shoulder and upper back problems. The second common poor posture that a lot of people are facing is that their heads move forward while sitting down in front of the laptops, computers. The distance between your head and your body will affect your neck and spine. If your head is too far forward, it will put a lot of pressure into your neck, causing neck pain and headache. Another example of poor posture is slouching. When you slouch, your body is bending backward too much and too long, therefore, your muscles will be strained, causing many problems such as difficult to breathe, shoulder, arm, and back pains.

Will you be able to correct your posture?

The answer is yes. You can correct your position by paying attention to how you sit, stand and sleep. Besides, you can also do some exercises to stretch your muscles and improve your strength. With daily practice, you will develop new and correct habits that replacing the old ones; however, it will require time and efforts. If you are looking for the fast and effective way of correcting your posture, chiropractic treatment is your best choice. Chiropractors at the Advanced Spine & Posture in Las Vegas are professional therapists who are masters of Chiropractic BioPhysics. They will assist you to correct your posture with special exercises, traction, and adjustments to realign the spine. If you have neck and back pains, therapists at Advanced Spine & Posture will help eliminate the pain permanently.

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