Pain - The Last Symptom of DiseasePain: The Last Symptom of Disease

Pain is defined as physical suffering perceived by the brain. It can be acute or chronic in nature and caused by a wide variety of illnesses or injury. Measuring pain is often an accepted form of defining whether you are healthy or not. The faulty assumption often is, if you aren’t in pain (or at least significant pain) then you must be pretty healthy.

Experiencing pain is an important bodily function because it helps alert us to a problem and protects us from injury. However, relying on it as a measure of health is problematic. Pain is often the last symptom of more serious illnesses, such as diseases of specific organs.

What’s a better way to manage optimal health? Prevention and early detection.

The Problem with Using Pain as an Assessment Tool

Pain is a very subjective measure of quality of life. This is because of the large number of factors that influence pain. These include:

  • Mood, anxiety, stress
  • Mental health
  • Past experiences
  • Your spiritual beliefs and beliefs about how pain affects you
  • Overall health
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Social support
  • And on and on…

It should be very clear that pain and it’s perception are a very complicated, modifiable process. Thus, it is not a reliable gauge for your health.

Don’t Wait for Pain to Seek Help

The medical model in the U.S. is designed to wait and seek treatment or care when there is already severe pain, an illness or a significant change in quality of life. This makes the recovery process a significantly higher burden on the individual and the entire system.

Ideally, instead of waiting for a problem to occur, prevention should be utilized. Unfortunately, prevention is not always plausible since it doesn’t feel urgent to us as human beings. Yet, seeking treatment the moment you feel something is off can also make a huge difference in your recovery process too.

One of the biggest factors related to good health is maintaining good energy nerve flow throughout the body via proper spinal alignment. When the spine is well-aligned, the entire body can function optimally. This is best addressed with the science-based, gentle and effective Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) approach.

Prevention with a Health Expert

Preventative medicine takes a lot more intuition and attention to little nuances specific to your body. A CBP chiropractor can help you identify any potential trouble areas and address them before they ever have a chance to become a problem. This is a significantly more cost-efficient way to address health and minimizes the amount of suffering you need to endure throughout your life. A win-win!

The entire team at Advanced Spine and Posture – chiropractor in Las Vegas is ready to help you live a life full of potential with less suffering. Decrease your risk of body dysfunction by addressing spinal alignment as soon as possible. Stop waiting to seek care until a pain or illness becomes “unbearable” and get help as soon as you notice a problem.

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