Looking for the best chiropractors in Las Vegas?

Looking for the best chiropractors in Las Vegas

Having trouble finding a trustable Las Vegas chiropractor? Looking for a team with a wide variety of services and a high level of customer service? Advanced Spine and Posture in Las Vegas is your solution! From the knowledge of our superior health experts to the broad selection of services we have; we are the best chiropractic center in the region.

Moreover, if you are seeking for a place to improve your overall health, we do not only provide chiropractic care. We also provide lifestyle advice; nutritional instructing; and more. We understand that suffering from health problems is never a pleasure experience – especially when a high level of pain is determined. That is the reason why we focus on supporting a relaxed; friendly; casually professional atmosphere that affords patients a warm; family-oriented environment and provides you peace of mind while we treat your pain or health problems. It could be said that we put individual care first.

What more do we have for you?

It has been being proven that chiropractic helps release our natural healing ability. In addition, chiropractic has been a miracle for millions people worldwide in helping them get over their pain suffering since its discovery in 1895. Whether you are recovering from an injury or you just want to improve your lifestyle, Advanced Spine and Posture in Las Vegas has a wide range of services for your every need. When you come inside our office for an appointment, you will be supported with a full consultation and diagnostic of your pain or health concerns.

We consider total body health to provide a comprehensive medical understanding of biology, physiology, and body mechanics as it relates to your quality of life. Moreover, we provide unified practice services such as: Back and Neck Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Poor Posture, Scoliosis, High Blood Pressure, Disc Herniation, Shoulder Pain, Joint Pain, Auto Accidents, Sports Injuries, Workplace Slip, etc. Coming to us, we take an integrated approach to care by ensuring patient examinations are reviewed by medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and physician assistants.

Do you know our Las Vegas Doctors?

Advanced Spine and Posture in Las Vegas is directed by Dr. David R. Golan who was educated and trained at The University of Southern California. He has also completed both Medical School and a Residency in Emergency Medicine. Currently, Dr. David is the Medical Director of both Optimage Age Management and Aliante IPM (Integrated Physical Medicine). He is passionate about proactive preventative health; age management and physical medicine. Advanced Spine and Posture also has many other experts such as Dr. Jason Jaeger who is a licensed chiropractor in California, Arizona and Nevada; Dr. Creig Christensen who possesses vast knowledge of sports chiropractic; and many other professional chiropractors.

What are you still waiting for? This is right time for you to start considering of having the best treatment from a professional health care center.

Please visit www.spineandposture.com to make an appointment online or call 702-396-4993 (Aliante) or 702-478-9594 (Midtown) for your free consultation.

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