Physical Therapy in North Las Vegas

At Advanced Spine and Posture of North Las Vegas, NV, we believe in approaching wellness from many different angles and perspectives.

Physical Therapy | Las Vegas North Chiropractor

As a result, we enlist the help of a variety of wellness experts, including that of physical therapists.

Physical therapy and chiropractic care are different. While they are complementary forms of treatment which often overlap in their beneficial effects, they serve two very specific purposes—chiropractic care helps improve the function of automatic processes in the body, while physical therapy helps to improve the function of voluntary processes in the body.

For example, posture can be thought of as a somewhat “automatic” process. Once the body is standing, it is doing so with the help of many micro-processes and overlapping systems, but it is not often a conscious thought to internally align your joints when you stand (nor is it usually possible!).

In contrast, physical therapy usually aids in regaining mobility, movement, and function to voluntary processes that include active movement, like sitting, kneeling, bending, walking, balancing, and folding or unfolding various limbs and extremities. While chiropractic care can help to support these same processes, it is not as direct in its application and treatment as physical therapy is for these purposes.

While the severity of these accidents may vary, there is ultimately always an effect on the human body during or following a car accident, even in a simple fender-bender. Fortunately, whether the effects of a car collision appear immediately, or some time after the accident, chiropractic care can help.

How do I choose?

Physical Therapy | Las Vegas North Chiropractor
Ideally, choosing between chiropractic care and physical therapy shouldn’t be necessary. At Advanced Spine & Posture in North Las Vegas, our individualized assessment will help our expert team determine which form of treatment is most beneficial for you. As we explore your conditions, symptoms, and wellness goals, it will become obvious during your diagnostic appointment what kind of care is most appropriate and beneficial for your body.

Additionally, Advanced Spine & Posture doesn’t want you to have to choose! If you would be best benefited by both physical therapy and chiropractic care, your wellness experts will help to craft a plan that utilizes both forms of treatment. Because our wellness experts are all accessible at the same location, we have streamlined the approach of multi-faceted, multi-purpose care.

Our objective has always been to provide as much diversity of care as possible under one roof. This is not only convenient and practical for you, but also ensures that you receive the most effective, tailored, and customized care possible. Additionally, you benefit from receiving the input of a variety of wellness professionals, all of whom can contribute to your highest level of well-being from their unique place of expertise.

At Advanced Spine & Posture in North Las Vegas, collaboration and camaraderie are two of our leading values. Our team looks forward to collaborating with you (and each other) to deliver whatever combination of care is best for your unique needs. Whether that is just the focused treatment of physical therapy, or of chiropractic care, or both, we are excited to see how we quickly and effectively deliver the most transformative and powerful wellness care you’ve ever experienced!

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