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As one of the most common reasons that people seek out chiropractic care, back pain affects a vast majority of the population in some form or another. Living with back pain can make life a daily struggle, as activities which were once performed with ease and required no thought (such as sitting, standing, walking, and bending) become uncomfortable and difficult to perform. Back pain can arise for a variety of reasons, and by understanding the contributing factors surrounding your back pain, you can become one step closer to long-term relief.

Back Pain Specialist Las Vegas

Do you live in North Las Vegas and suffer from back pain, neck pain, migraines, shoulder pain, or other types of discomfort? We can help.

Back Pain & Injury

North Las Vegas Back Pain ChiropractorOne of the most common reasons for persistent back pain is injury. A variety of injuries may be responsible for creating discomfort in the upper, middle, and lower back areas, and they are not always the direct result of an accident. Injury can take occur when lifting, moving, or carrying heavy objects, maintaining prolonged uncomfortable positions, or even straining other parts of the body and causing the back muscles, ligaments, and joints to become forced to compensate.

Advanced Spine & Posture in North Las Vegas specializes in addressing back pain resulting from injury. Our expert team of chiropractors, physical therapists, physician’s assistants and medical doctors collaborate to provide a variety of interventions and treatments which can offer long-term relief to injury and non-injury related pain. With a comprehensive and individualized examination process, our team of experts will determine the origin of your pain and create a unique treatment plan designed to deliver tangible, quantifiable results.

Back Pain & Posture

A common cause of back pain is misaligned posture. While the origin of poor posture may vary, prolonged poor posture is a consistent contributing factor to back pain. The low back is frequently the target of posture-related back pain, creating aching pain, radiating pain, and soreness.

ASP of North Las Vegas has developed an advanced series of treatments for posture-related back pain, including traditional chiropractic adjustments, which can provide immediate pain-relief and a decrease in inflammation to strained joints and muscles. In addition to adjustments, ASP of North Las Vegas also offers a unique treatment called “traction.” Traction is based on Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP), a research-backed branch of chiropractic treatment which treats the root-cause of postural imbalances. Similarly to using braces on misaligned teeth, traction uses push-and-pull mechanics to deliver long-term movement in the spine, reducing unnatural curvature and aiding in restoring optimal posture to the entire body.

Back Pain & Genetics

Another cause of back pain can be genetic or childhood-related trauma factors, such as scoliosis. A diagnosis of scoliosis may be given when the spine is exhibiting a horizontal s-shaped curve, causing imbalances to the shoulders and hips and forcing muscles, ligaments and joints in the back to fall out of optimal alignment. While scoliosis is commonly believed to be treated only with surgery, Chiropractic BioPhysics, as offered by ASP of North Las Vegas, has helped to treat thousands of individuals with scoliosis by helping facilitate the movement of the spine without any surgical intervention.

In addition to traditional chiropractic adjustments and traction, ASP of North Las Vegas also offers the ScoliBrace, a unique tool used to solidify and support long-term changes to the shape of the spine. In appropriate instances, the ScoliBrace can assist in changing the shape of the spine and relieving pain as a result of scoliosis, with no invasive surgery and no recovery time.

Treating Back Pain

With an individualized examination and the collaboration of wellness experts in varying fields, ASP of North Las Vegas is excited to offer you the opportunity to resolve your back pain, long-term. Each patient who walks through the door of our North Las Vegas chiropractic office is treated with absolute respect and care. At Advanced Spine & Posture, your lifestyle and wellness history are considered an essential part of creating your treatment program. Once the cause of your back pain has been pinpointed, our team works together to ensure that your visits are enjoyable, uplifting, and most importantly, that they leave you with noticeable results. The chiropractors and wellness experts of ASP’s North Las Vegas office strive to offer you relief from back pain so that you may return to living your most satisfying, vibrant life.

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