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At Advanced Spine & Posture of Las Vegas rancho oakey, we believe in utilizing a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary approach to health and wellness.

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For this reason, we include chiropractic care as one of our most powerful tools for rehabilitation, healing, and increased well-being. Everyone who enters our Las Vegas Rancho Oakey office is provided the highest standard of chiropractic care available. Our treatment programs are designed not only to treat symptoms of imbalance and discomfort, but also to support all of your health and wellness goals.

The system treated by chiropractic care is the neuromusculoskeletal system, which is actually the sum total of three different body systems: the nervous system, the muscular system, and the skeletal system. Similarly to orthopedic care, chiropractic care deals with the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and soft tissue of the body.

Additionally, chiropractic care provides highly beneficial relief to the nervous system, frequently producing immediate feelings of calm, clarity, and relaxation. It’s very common for patients to remark on a sense of clear-headedness, increased energy, agility and mobility after chiropractic treatment. Equally notable is the frequency with which patients notice decreased or eliminated pain after chiropractic treatment.

The treatment of pain is one of the most common reasons why individuals seek out chiropractic care. Imbalances in the neuromusculoskeletal system are one of the primary causes of perceptible pain in the body; including (but not limited to) neck pain, back pain, shoulder and leg pain, constant soreness, migraine headaches, lethargy and stiffness, and global discomfort. Chiropractic care helps to balance the body and all its systems, supporting the healing of damage caused by injuries, accidents, postural imbalances, and degeneration from various disorders and diseases.

When you visit for your first appointment with Advanced Spine and Posture of Rancho, NV, you’ll receive a complete assessment intended to aid your expert chiropractor in understanding exactly what conditions you’re experiencing. Your expert chiropractor may take a series of x-rays, conduct a visual and digital postural analysis, and request a detailed description of your medical history, perceived symptoms, and unique health goals.

If a complete treatment plan isn’t what you’re looking for, single-appointment treatments are also available.

If you’re just visiting the area, or are simply seeking chiropractic care for the first time, Advanced Spine and Posture of Las Vegas Rancho Oakey is delighted to introduce you to expert chiropractic care. Schedule your appointment and we’ll help you determine the best plan of action to give your body balance and support, even if you’re working within a limited timeframe.

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