Workplace Injury

Are you suffering from a slip and fall or other workplace injury? Let’s help you recover quickly.

Workplace Injury - Lansing Chiropractor
Injuries and accidents in the workplace are common occurrences, particularly in environments that aren’t actively providing ergonomic support to their associates.

What is ergonomic support?

Ergonomics is the practice of making the workplace safer and more efficient, usually by making the space more accessible, aligned to the body’s needs, and wellness-focused. For most people, an ergonomically sound environment means that they have opportunities for breaks and changes of activity, their seating and standing arrangements are appropriately matched to their body size, shape, and needs, and they are using new and functional equipment.

When ergonomic principles are not fostered in the workplace, or the workplace doesn’t actively protect employees against accidents like falls, slips, missteps, and other hazards, employees can be injured. Injury and accident leads to trauma and often, to chronic or acute pain.

Acute or Chronic Pain?

When pain is immediate or sudden, it is considered acute pain. Acute pain is the type of discomfort experienced immediately after an injury, for example, slamming a finger in a car door. Acute pain typically arises spontaneously from an injury or accident and subsides when the injured part of the body has healed.

Chronic pain is pain that continues to reoccur over a six month period or longer. Chronic pain is often the result of an injury or physical imbalance. Chronic pain may persist at the site of an injury long after the initial healing period has occurred, suggesting that there is a deeper concern or that the injury never healed completely.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries - Lansing, MI
If you are injured in the workplace and the injury is not immediately treated, or your body has not been given sufficient time to recover from the injury, it’s likely that you will experience some form of both acute and chronic pain.

Oftentimes, the body’s healing process is interrupted by returning to activity too quickly. While the body may still appear to function normally (or close to normally), this can impede the deep healing that is required for complete recovery. Later, pain can reappear, even months or years after an injury. This doesn’t mean that the pain can’t be treated—but oftentimes, treatment is more intensive and requires a longer duration of care as a result.

Strains, misalignment, sprains, impact, inflammation, and degenerative changes that have been caused by an injury often worsen with time when not treated and rested immediately and properly. This compounds the damage caused by the injury, but fortunately, Advanced Spine and Posture’s expert wellness team can still help!

Advanced Spine & Posture of Lansing, MI provides the most comprehensive wellness care available today. In addition to highly skilled chiropractors, ASP also maintains physical therapists and medical professionals on staff. Together, the ASP team of Lansing, MI will help you determine exactly what the origins of your pain and discomfort are, as well as the most effective form of treatment for getting you out of pain and back to living your highest quality of life.

If you’re ready to help your body recover from a workplace injury or accident, book your appointment today.

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