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Promoting circulation and deep pain relief through effective injection therapy

Henderson NV Muscle & Join Injections

When dealing with muscle stiffness and soreness, there are usually a few top priorities: recover quickly, feel your best, and prevent chronic issues. These goals can all be systematically addressed with muscle and joint injections- a great adjunct to any spine corrective care plan.

Trigger points, more often known as muscle knots, can aggravate any underlying spine misalignments and leave you feeling stuck in a cycle of pain. Muscle injections are scientifically based and a low-cost way to address problem areas while promoting circulation and reducing stiffness.

Joint injections can reduce acute symptoms that are limiting progress and recovery. The window of pain relief from an injection can improve tolerance for treatment recommendations that weren’t tolerated initially due to pain.

Injections can facilitate the recovery process and expedite your ability to get back to a normal life free of impairments. Creating a window of opportunity to address the true underlying issues means long-term sustainable healing.

At Advanced Spine and Posture – chiropractor team in Henderson, injections are just one of the great options within the integrative medicine treatment model. To maximize your results, you may also have options recommended like posture correction, functional physiotherapy, and more for optimizing your body’s alignment and healing.

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