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Grand Rapids Physical Therapy is apart of our Advanced Spine and Posture. We offer physical therapy as well as medical massages for our patients in the group. Along with our Grand Rapids chiropractic, physical therapy can help improve the overall spine. Our office operates on Chiropractic Bio-Physics (CBP) and is one of the leaders in the spine industry. We are dedicated to not only the chiropractic portion of things but to get the muscles stronger to old a better posture. Improving the posture will help with all kinds of pains as well, not just the back.

Have you noticed that your shoulders are slouched down? Maybe a rounded hump in the back? This is due to looking at your devices and how your computer monitor we are seeing this more and more. Getting your posture corrected will add years of valuable life to your spine as well and physical therapy allows us to do just that. Working with all parts of the body, not just the spine to get the alignment that is perfect for you. Everything in the body is attached to the spine, so imagine what we can do with a good alignment. This means that carpal tunnel and twisted knees can be worked on as well. Don’t run to surgery every time you have an injury. Ask yourself if your alignment is off.

Increase Your Recovery After an Auto or Motorcycle Accident

In our office, we work with the medical doctors and the chiropractors. We are happy to discuss everything with you. Our doctors and staff are all under one roof and can help you with just about any of your physical therapy needs. Getting the best out of your chiropractic services with physical therapy and medical in one group here at Advanced Spine and Posture.

Physical therapy is often used to help with physical issues with the body. Heat, ice, and manipulation are some of the things used in physical therapy, along with exercises. This is done instead of surgery and drugs, which is a more holistic approach to pain. Often times physical therapy is used to recover from an injury such as a car accident or sports injury. Advanced Spine and Posture uses physical therapy in a combination of chiropractic tractions, massage, and medical. We are a full medical facility that can help with physical therapy in Grand Rapids as well as chiropractic, medical and massage. Our office is unique to Michigan are supported by a group out of Las Vegas. This gives our offer a cutting edge on physical therapy offices.

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