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Our goal is to help you move through the assessment and treatment process as smoothly as possible. It’s our way of helping you get the results you want and get back to your normal life without delay. As a first time patient, please fill out the appropriate electronic forms prior to coming to your first appointment.

When preparing for your first visit, please remember to bring any imaging such as an MRIs or X-Rays that a previous doctor has taken. This can help us assess your current health condition.

Lastly, once you’ve made future appointments according to your assessment recommendations, please always arrive 5 minutes early to make sure care is provided at the appropriate designated time.

What to Expect

There are 3 phases of treatment that you will go through. Let’s review these now so you know what to expect when working with us.

Phase 1: Relief Care. If you are in pain, giving you relief as quickly as possible will be the first goal. This is achieved with palliative care and adjustments. This may require a frequency of 2-3 treatments per week for up to 4-12 weeks before moving onto phase 2.

Phase 2: Restorative/Corrective Care. Moving into the corrective phase of chiropractic care promotes optimal sustainable healing for injured and/or painful tissues. This helps prevent future aggravation and gets you back to life full force. The ultimate goal is to restore your body function back to 100%. Depending on your health and the severity of injury, this phase of care may require treatment and adjustments 4-8 times per month for up to 6-24 months.

Phase 3: Wellness Care. Once your body has healed and you are back to normal life, continued follow ups will ensure the best possible recovery. This helps you quickly address any possible issues that come up and prevents them from causing a relapse. Depending on your lifestyle and health goals, plan to check in with your chiropractor 1-4 times per month as needed.

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