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If you are living with back pain, then you understand how frustrating and disheartening constant discomfort can become. The spine is often considered the structural foundation of the body, and when it is out of balance, everything else in the body can quickly become unbalanced, as well. Whether due to injury, poor posture, or genetic origin, back pain can quickly become a debilitating nuisance that eliminates the pleasure of life’s simple activities over time. Aching pain, shooting pain, or burning, radiating pain can make standing, walking, laying down or bending extremely uncomfortable experiences. Even if your back pain is mild and seems treatable with over-the-counter or prescription pain medication, this can lead to further degeneration of the spine and strain to the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the back. Rather than living with back pain, there is an alternative—Advanced Spine & Posture’s Grand Rapids, MI office of chiropractors and wellness professionals are prepared to provide you with a personalized assessment designed to identify the root cause of your back pain.

Once the root cause is identified, ASP’s Grand Rapids, MI team will craft your unique treatment plan, built around your lifestyle and personal wellness history. ASP’s Grand Rapids, MI chiropractors are passionate about resolving back pain long-term and at the source, allowing you to get back to your life with the comfort and ease that you deserve.

Back Pain Specialist in Grand Rapids

Do you live in Grand Rapids MI and suffering with back pain, neck pain, migraines, shoulder pain, or other types of discomfort? We can help.

Traction (Chiropractic BioPhysics)

Midtown Las Vegas Back Pain ChiropractorWhile many chiropractors rely almost exclusively on traditional adjustments, Advanced Spine & Posture’s Grand Rapids, MI chiropractors offer something more—Chiropractic BioPhysics, the science of moving bones and joints over time for quantifiable, lasting results. Using principles similar to that of orthodontia (braces on misaligned teeth), ASP’s Grand Rapids office uses a series of x-rays and digital imaging technology to assess your posture and determine existing imbalances. Then, a customized “traction” plan is created, in which misaligned bones and joints are aided in returning to their optimal state. This treatment helps to alleviate inflammation, reduce or eliminate compression on nerves, and relax strained and taut muscles and ligaments. By resolving theses areas of imbalance, the body is able to move back into structural alignment, and pain can be greatly reduced or even completely dissolved at its source.

Traditional Adjustments

Traditional adjustments are often the main focus of chiropractic care for a very good reason—they can significantly aid in back pain reduction. Traditional chiropractic adjustments prepare the body for traction and other treatments which may be implemented by ASP’s Grand Rapids team of expert physical therapists, physician’s assistants, and medical doctors.

A chiropractic adjustment to the back allows for a rush of blood circulation, movement toward ideal alignment, a detoxification of joint-lubricating tissue, and improved nerve function. Many patients state they experience a sense of renewed focus and energy, significantly decreased or eliminated back pain, and improved feeling and perception of sensation to their extremities as the result of an adjustment. In combination with traction and other treatments, traditional chiropractic adjustments are an invaluable part of a treatment plan for resolving back pain.

ScoliBrace & At-Home Exercises

Because poor posture and scoliosis can play such a substantial role in generating chronic, unrelenting back-pain, ASP’s Grand Rapids, MI chiropractors may provide the ScoliBrace and at-home exercises and postures to help supplement in-office treatment. The ScoliBrace is a singular tool that helps to preserve and prolong the positive effects of traction and adjustments that you might receive in the office. Depending on the severity of your scoliosis, which is an abnormal s-shaped curve in the spine, you may be provided with a ScoliBrace which can offer immediate pain-relief and as it helps to restore your optimal spinal shape in real time.

In addition to the ScoliBrace, other tools and at-home exercises may be offered by ASP’s Grand Rapids, MI chiropractors and wellness experts as a way of maximizing the results you gain from each treatment. Back pain is often a condition that originates from years of degeneration or poor posture, either from an injury or as the result of a genetic or trauma-related event. To aid in its reversal without any invasive surgery or recovery time, it is sometimes necessary to address the root cause at several levels, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive intervention which will produce quantifiable results. If you are ready to begin reversing years, months, and weeks of back pain and get back to living your most healthful life, then book your appointment with our Grand Rapids, MI chiropractors and wellness experts today.

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