Living with a Herniated Disc: How to Keep the Condition from Worsening


Spinal discs play a crucial role in supporting the spine and allowing for flexibility. However, for Americans between ages 35 and 50, a herniated disc is a common condition that results in chronic pain. When the disc ruptures and leaks fluid, it’s liable to wreak havoc on your central nervous system and result in numerous negative health outcomes.

As you may know, dealing with symptoms from a herniated disc can be difficult. Many patients often turn to relying on heavy-duty or over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers, which aren’t the answer. The true path to relief is in addressing the cause of the pain itself, which means resolving the core condition.

Chiropractic care can prove to be an effective treatment for resolving the issues associated with herniated discs. The team at Advanced Spine and Posture helps Las Vegas, NV patients restore their health and mitigate future disc-related pain problems. By working with the spinal discs directly, a chiropractor may be able to alleviate your daily struggle to live pain-free.

The causes and symptoms of herniated discs

A spinal disc’s structure includes a tough outer ring, which contains a liquid interior that acts as a shock absorption system. Over time, wear and tear cause the disc to lose fluid, which affects the disc’s structure in a condition known as disc degeneration. This creates the circumstance in which it’s easy to rupture a disc.

After some heavy lifting or an attempt to reach down and pick something up, the already damaged disc cracks or bulges and the inner fluid spills out. This is the physical herniation and it immediately results in symptoms that can include:

  • Nerve irritation;
  • Pain shooting up and down the legs;
  • Sciatica;
  • Loss of mobility.

While patients may feel symptoms reduce after 60 days through the body’s natural healing factor, the possibility of another painful disc herniation episode is high.

Addressing disc herniation’s and pain symptoms

Chiropractic offers a natural, holistic treatment to help remedy disc herniation over the long-term. More than this, it also aims to prevent future episodes and quell side effects from the initial herniation.

For example, disc herniation often results in chronic neck and back pain due to overcompensation by the body. By performing spinal adjustments, your chiropractor is able to realign the vertebrae and reverse this additional stress and pain.

Chiropractors are also experts in central nervous system health. A herniated disc is often related to nerve irritation, which can cause a host of other problems. By resetting the core of the nervous system – the spine – your chiropractor can provide effective treatment for reversing nerve irritation.

Preventing future herniated discs

Going beyond spinal alignment, chiropractors seek to be your partner in wellness. The loss of mobility associated with disc herniation can be severe, with some patients reporting trouble even making it out the door. Chiropractors create targeted exercise routines and use massage to strengthen key muscle groups. This also encourages the flow of nutrients to stabilize your body’s healing power.

You’ve suffered the pernicious effects of a herniated disc long enough. It’s time to get in touch with the experts at Advanced Spine and Posture in Las Vegas, NV. Contact us today to setup a free consultation or learn more about the Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) approach we use to tailor treatment to individual disc hernia cases.

Chiropractic BioPhysics, or CBP, is one of the most scientific, researched, and results-oriented corrective care techniques. CBP-trained chiropractors aim to realign the spine back to health, eliminating nerve interference and addressing the source of pain, fatigue, and disease. As with all chiropractic care, CBP is gentle, painless, and non-invasive.

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