Las Vegas Weight Loss Tips for Christmas Time

Las Vegas Weight Loss Tips for Christmas TimeThe holidays are notorious for overeating, overindulging and being overwhelmed. When they end, we’re usually left to deal with the consequences including broken diets, a few extra pounds and new bad habits. This generally leads to unreasonable New Year’s resolutions about your diet, getting back into shape, being more conscious about our health, etc.

These last for a few months or weeks and then are forgotten by most of us. I am sending out a challenge to everyone to make some healthy, reasonable resolutions. However, this year the challenge is to actually keep these promises to yourself and build a better you.

Here are some weight-loss tips for Christmas to get you started on a program and stick with it.

These tips may make it easier to get fit and become healthier throughout the year:

  • Consistency is the key – You are what you repeatedly eat and do. Health and Wellness are not achieved in one meal or event; they are created through healthy dietary choices good exercise habits the whole year through.
  • Make an appointment with yourself for activity – Set some time aside for your activity of choice, and make it part of your schedule. Twenty to thirty minutes per day, three to four times per week is a good start. Something as simple as a brisk walk after the last meal of the day is a great way to get started. Put it in the day planner.
  • Grocery shop only after having a good meal – You will be less likely to buy high fat or sugary snacks that can keep you from reaching your health and fitness goals. Make a well-balanced list and stick to it.
  • Eat healthy – Try to eat foods low in saturated fat and carbohydrates, and avoid processed foods.
  • Hydrate your body – Experts say we need 2 liters of water per day to prevent dehydration, regulate body temperature, maintain proper blood pressure, and to flush out body impurities. Remember soda, coffee, and other caffeinated beverages do not count.
  • Find fun activities that give you exercise at the same time – walk the neighborhood to see the Christmas lights, go for a hike, play a sports activity with your family or friends, go snow skiing – the possibilities of fun and fitness are countless.
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Applying these tips to a certain weight-loss goal, seeing it through and having it become a permanent, positive lifestyle change is the most rewarding way you can possibly celebrate the New Year.

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