Las Vegas Chiropractor Shares Holiday Travel Tips

Las Vegas Chiropractor Shares Holiday Travel TipsWhile, we’re all looking forward to spending time with our family and friends during the holidays; we need to be sure we don’t overlook potential problems, like the increased risk of stress and pain related to travel. Here are some holiday travel tips for you

If you think about it, travel can be very stressful and a potentially painful ordeal. Because of the inherent risks, it may be best to treat the entire trip as an athletic event. Be sure to warm up, make sure you’re wearing the proper uniform and look for ways that you can make the entire process smoother and easier. Here are a few tips for holiday travel from the team at Advanced Spine & Posture that will help you ensure that you don’t come home to Las Vegas more stressed and in more pain than when you left.

Car Travel

  • Make sure that your seat is adjusted properly to fit your frame. You want to be as close to the steering wheel as is comfortable. Adjust your seat until your hips are lower than your knees. These adjustments will keep your body from stiffening up during a long trip. If your car seat doesn’t have enough lumbar support, consider placing a pillow or cushion behind your back to help lessen the chance of lower back pain or stress.
  • Keep your legs active while you’re driving. You can do small stretches like spreading out your toes or clenching and relaxing the muscles in your legs to keep your blood flowing while you prevent cramps.
  • Keep a relaxed grip on the steering wheel. A tight grip can cause cramping.
  • Take a break. It is much better to arrive at your destination relaxed and pain-free than it is to beat some imaginary timetable. Regular breaks along your trip can also help you stay focused and alert.

Plane Travel

  • Bring a travel pillow in your carry-on luggage. Adjust your seat so that it is as comfortable as possible, and use a pillow to support your back or neck to ensure the most comfortable position possible.
  • Check most of your luggage. Your carry-on bag should not weigh more than 5 to 10 percent of your body weight. Navigating through the terminal with a heavy piece of luggage can be a strain.
  • Move around in your seat occasionally. Sitting in one position for a long time can cause cramping in your legs, back and neck. Stretch occasionally as the space permits. There are plenty of stretches you can do while remaining seated..

One of the keys to a successful trip is planning ahead. Make sure that you’re not rushed and that you have plenty of time to get to your destination. Consider a trip to your chiropractor at Advanced Spine & Posture for a spinal adjustment before you go to make sure that your body is in balance.

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