Las Vegas Chiropractor Says Whiplash Leads to Accelerated Breakdown of the Spine

Whiplash Leads to Accelerated Breakdown of the SpineAuto collisions and injuries will over stretch or worse, tear loose the connective tissue (muscles, ligaments and tendons) that holds the spine in place. This will create a weakness, which will allow the spine to breakdown and lock into a stressed position. The longer the spine is misaligned, the more wearing down of the spinal joints, discs, muscles etc. will take place. Normal spinal alignment has been well established and published by our group in the medical, physical therapy and chiropractic peer reviewed published literature. Misalignments, a loss or change in normal motion or alignment, of spine segments or spinal regions can cause pain, symptoms and other health problems and diseases. It is accelerated breakdown of the Spine

Frequently at Advanced Spine & Posture in Las Vegas, we will see patients in who have been involved in automobile collisions. Not only recent car collisions, but also car collisions that have occurred 10 to 15 years before or even longer. Based on the extent of degeneration in the spine, the original injury to the spine can be dated approximately. Why is that? Well, if the spinal balance is altered due to misalignment, there will be unequal pressure applied to the spine over time (Wolff’s Law). Over time, this will lead to a breaking down of the bones, and change or damage ligaments, discs etc., or what is called degenerative disc disease (bone spurs and disc thinning etc.).

My staff and I at Advanced Spine and Posture have been seeing this phenomenon for years. And now the research is also showing that Degenerative Disc Disease or what is commonly called Osteo-Arthritis of the spine is a result of misalignments from collisions or injuries or even chronic poor posture.

Can Arthritis Be Prevented?

Research is indicating that whiplash injuries lead to arthritis. Dr. Mason Hohl, an MD and professor of surgery at UCLA Medical Center, says…“Follow-up x-rays taken an average of 7 years after injury in one series of patients without prior x-ray evidence of disc disease indicated that 39% had developed degenerative disc disease at one or more disc levels since injury.” Seven years after the injury, the discs and other spinal structures are already breaking down. There was an expected incidence of 6% degenerative change in the population over this period of time.

Dr. Hohl goes on to say, “Thus, it appeared that the injury had started the process of disc degeneration.”

Further, he stated “In another follow-up study of patients with similar injuries, but with preexisting degenerative changes in the neck; it was observed that after an average of 7 years 39% had residual symptoms, and x-ray evidence of new degenerative change at another level occurred in 55%.” So if you already have had an injury that has started, the degenerative process, and you have another injury; it leads to more degeneration in the area.

Why is it so important to get you neck and head posture/alignment evaluated? How many of us in have had a head or neck injury that has misaligned our spines? Every day that the spine stays misaligned, more degeneration takes place. So is it possible to prevent arthritis? Absolutely! A balanced and stable spine will not degenerate at the same rate as a misaligned and unstable spine.

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