Las Vegas Chiropractor: “Physical Therapy is Imperative for Knee Replacement Surgery”

Las Vegas Chiropractor Physical Therapy is Imperative for Knee Replacement Surgery

If you’ve reached a stage where your knee is severely worn, injured or damaged by arthritis, then you may be considering total knee replacement surgery. While this procedure represents one of the most impressive orthopaedic surgical advances of the twentieth century, the essential role rehabilitation plays in both pre and post-operative stages cannot be underestimated. The physical therapy at Advanced Spine and Posture in Las Vegas help ensure an optimal surgery outcome by preparing the patient’s muscles for maximum rehabilitation and the highest possible quality of life post knee replacement.

Having opted for surgery, it’s critical to understand how important preparation in the build-up to the operation, as well as post-operative rehabilitation is for a positive long-term outcome.

The majority of total knee replacement surgeries result from symptomatic degenerative arthritis; however, many other conditions can lead to joint replacement, including trauma and rheumatoid arthritis. As with any surgery, the outcome is not guaranteed and many risks are involved.

Research indicates an orthopaedic success rate of 90-95%, lasting for about 10 years. Nevertheless, many patients say they still feel pain and limited function following surgery. Even after a successful total knee replacement surgery, the patient’s muscle function remains impaired, in both the operated and non-operated knee, significantly compromising the rehabilitation process.

Advanced Spine and Posture’s physical therapists offer an effective rehabilitation approach in these cases by re-educating the body to incorporate the operated limb in renewed and optimal patterns of motion. It is very important to realize the significant impact that pre-operative conditions have on post-operative outcomes. For this reason, it is essential that the patient maintain normal levels of activity and complete therapeutic exercise to effectively prepare the muscles and joint for the operation.

The surgical procedure does not involve replacement or repair to any soft-tissue. Therefore, any limitations to the range of motion, due to muscle, or tendon shortening or the presence of impaired neuromuscular control and weakness will still be present after the surgery. In order to achieve the best operative outcome, following total knee replacement, it is essential to focus on rehabilitation through appropriate therapeutic exercise.

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