Las Vegas Chiropractor Offers Tips to Prevent Golf Injuries

Tips to Prevent Golf InjuriesGolf can be tough on the back. It’s easy to overextend your swing, hurt yourself bending to pick up a tee or twist your spine as you haul your golf bag onto your shoulder. Dr. Jason Jaeger at Advanced Spine and Posture in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers some tips on how to prevent golf injuries.

Tips to prevent Golf injuries:

  1. Buy clubs that fit you. Adapting your swing to the wrong clubs is a prescription for back problems.
    • Women should choose clubs that are a lighter, more flexible material than clubs designed for a man.
    • Men, who are typically less flexible than women, should be extra careful about stretching to increase their flexibility. That will allow a more even and consistent swing.
    • Senior golfers with arthritis might want a larger, more specialized grip.
    1. Take lessons from a pro. Poor swing mechanics are a common cause of golf injuries. A golf swing puts eight times your body weight on your spine. If not done correctly, you can injure your back. The best solution is to take lessons to learn proper swing technique.
  2.  Stretch before, during and after your golf game. Jaeger also recommends 10 minutes of cardio – walking is fine – to warm up before your game. Stretching afterward can help reduce post-game stiffness. Neck, back and leg stretches during play will relieve the tension built up from repetitive motions – allowing your blood to flow and your muscles to stay loose.
  3.  Pull your golf bag; don’t carry it. Carrying it can lead to disk problems and nerve irritation.
  4. If you prefer using a cart, get out and walk every other hole. Bouncing around in a cart can also be hard on the spine.
  5. Take a few practice swings with the opposite hand about every third hole. That will keep your muscles balanced and even out stress on the back.
  6. Visit your chiropractor for a quick checkup. Tiger Woods says regular visits to his chiropractor made him a better golfer.Bolstering that assertion is a 2009 study published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine that divided 43 golfers from two clubs in Sao Paulo, Brazil, into two groups. One group received a stretch program; the second group received the stretch program plus chiropractic care.The participants performed three full swing maneuvers, and researchers measured the average distance they were able to hit the ball. After four weeks, golfers who had had chiropractic care were able to hit the ball farther than those in the stretching-only group.[space height=”20″]

Chiropractic adjustments can keep your body in correct alignment, which in turn keeps your swing in correct alignment.

After all, as experts on the spine, chiropractors correct spinal misalignments, which press on the delicate spinal nerves, causing pain and interrupting the nerves’ ability to communicate with your limbs and organs.

At Advanced Spine and Posture, Dr. Jaeger specializes in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP), which focuses on realigning the shape of your spine and restoring normal nerve flow. Only a handful of chiropractors in Las Vegas, NV – including Dr. Jaeger – are trained in Chiropractic BioPhysics, the most researched, scientific and results-oriented corrective chiropractic technique.

Advanced Spine and Posture is among only a handful of health centers in the United States specializing in all aspects of your health, from medical care and preventative care to Chiropractic BioPhysics. Contact us for a consultation to see if you qualify for CBP care.

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