How to Reduce Your Falls Risk Holistically


As we age, an increased risk of falling starts to become a reality and big health concern. Falls have a major impact on quality of life in people over 65 years of age. As many as one in four people over 65 suffer from a fall each year, with 20% of these falls resulting in a serious injury. Plus, once someone has sustained one fall they are at a significantly higher risk for further falls. Decreasing an individual’s fall risk with holistic care can reduce incidents of hospitalization, reduce medical financial burden, and boost overall health.

Fall Risk Factors to be Aware of with Aging

Extensive research has gone into determining what factors increase a person’s risk for falling. When two or more of the following factors are present, fall risk goes up exponentially. These include:

  • Living a primarily sedentary lifestyle
  • Poor general health
  • Side effects of medications- causing dizziness, drowsiness, and more
  • Low blood pressure or positional hypotension- causing dizziness with sudden changes in position
  • Poor sensation- including neuropathy, tingling, and numbness- particularly in the limbs
  • Poor general fitness- including low endurance and muscle weakness
  • Low vision that isn’t properly addressed or not fixable
  • Fear of falling
  • Poor walking (gait) mechanics

Reducing Your Fall Risk Holistically

One of the easiest ways to reduce risk of fall is to incorporate positive lifestyle changes. These are great because they benefit overall health while also reducing the risk of sustaining a fall related injury. Some of the options to consider include:

  • Talk to a healthcare professional you trust about your fall concerns
  • Sit with your doctor or pharmacist and review your medications- discuss any concerns about side effects
  • Safe and consistent exercise- including walking and weight lifting
  • Balance specific exercises that are completed in a safe environment
  • Leg and core specific strengthening
  • Have your home assessed for fall safety by a physical therapist or recreational therapist
  • Have your vision regularly checked- a minimum of every two years
  • Optimize your neural health with the guidance of a chiropractor

Why Your Spine Health Matters

All of the holistic ideas for addressing fall risk can be pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, it can be easier said than done if someone is suffering from common health issues like stiffness, pain and poor overall health. Thus, there are significant benefits to treating these issues and bringing to the body into a state of balance. One of the primary issues that might be contributing to pain and stiffness are spine misalignment. This common underlying issue leads to poor nerve flow and integrity and can manifest as a wide range of issues with aging- including poor balance and weakness.

Holistic Care with a CBP Provider

A Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) certified chiropractor is specialized in expertly and non-invasively correcting spine misalignments. Good spine alignment can boost overall health and motivate an individual to keep their balance as optimal as possible to help prevent falls. Get in touch with the Advanced Spine and Posture team in Las Vegas, NV to see how they can holistically address your health goals and fall risk. You will be gaining so many health related benefits in your life that you won’t regret it.

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