How to Holistically Strengthen Your Immunity

two healthy older women after working out in parkThe strength of your immune system plays a large vital role in your overall health. With a pandemic in full swing, the importance of a strong immune system has also been forcibly brought to our attention. It’s left many of us wondering what we can do to protect our health and quality of life. While measures like hand sanitizer and masks are short term solutions, holistically boosting the immune system will help you in the long term to build truly sustainable health.

The state of your health determines your immune system strength

If the body is dealing with chronic illness, disease or inflammation, it leaves it’s reserves depleted for things like proper immune system function. A strong immune system can quickly and efficiently detect and launch an attack on any pathogens it comes in contact with. Oftentimes you won’t be any wiser to this attack, while other times you may need to rest as your body restores homeostasis with a fever and inflammation for a few days or weeks. The bottom line is that if you are experiencing any health issues, it can compromise your immune system. Thus, boosting your overall health holistically is essential.

Holistically strengthen the immune system

A body that is healthy and in sync has a significantly better chance of fighting off any bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens it may come in contact with. Good health is built by establishing some solid health habits. Some simple ways to start are with:

  • Consistent exercise and movement
  • Stress management techniques
  • Adequate hydration and nutrition
  • Limited or no alcohol consumption and smoking
  • Good hygiene practice (food handling, cooking, and regular hand washing)
  • Vitamin D, C, and Zinc via supplementation and/or diet
  • Proper spine alignment to encourage full body synchronicity and nerve health

Your spine alignment’s role in your health

Different parts of the body communicate with each other to coordinate good health via nerve signals and hormones. In fact, vital immunity organs like the lymph nodes and spleen are directly affected by neural inputs from the brain and spinal cord and help modulate a proper immune response. When spine misalignment is present, this nerve energy is compromised.

A trained expert like a Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) practitioner can help restore the delicate balance in the spine- often not noticeable to an untrained eye. This allows better nerve flow so that the body and immune system can function at their full potential and minimize risk of sickness. The holistic non-invasive approach of a CBP care provider for addressing spine alignment can help you feel your best, giving you the energy needed to live a full healthy lifestyle.

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