How Does Gravity Affect My Posture?

How Does Gravity Affect My Posture?

Gravity is something that affects our lives every day—particularly our spinal health. While gravity is most commonly discussed in the context of science projects and the planets, it has very real implications for the health of our own bodies! If you’ve ever wondered how gravity affects your health, or more specifically, “how does gravity affect my posture?” then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to discover how gravity affects your body, and what you can do to both take advantage of the benefits and combat its ill effects!

#1. Gravity pushes your body down.

Gravity is the force that anchors all unattached objects to the surface of the earth. The impact of gravity is different on every planet, but because of the size of gravity (and the relative size of humans), we experience a very specific kind of downward force on this planet that has a unique effect on our bodies.

Gravity pushes your body down. You already know that when you drop an object, it travels downwards immediately. But what about when you don’t drop an object? What happens when you’re just stationary or walking, sitting, or laying down? Gravity is still affecting you.

Even when you’re not moving at all, gravity is pushing your body down. The downward force begins at the highest part of your body at any given time. In other words, if you stand a lot, your head and neck are going to be the parts of your body that experience the most force from gravity. If, for example, you spend most of your time laying down, the gravitational pull would be equally distributed across the uppermost part of your body that is laying down.

People are affected differently by gravity depending on their lifestyles. Because gravitational pull increases with height, different activities and ways of life, postures and settings, and even geographical locations can affect the way gravity impacts you! But don’t worry—gravity has positive effects on your body and health, as well.

#2. Gravity can contribute to degeneration.

Because of the downward force of gravity, gravity can contribute to some degeneration in the human body. The effect of gravity on the body is that it is constantly pushing the body down, toward the center of the earth. Over time, this causes wear and degeneration on the bones and body, particularly as the posture changes.

One of the reasons for age-related bone and joint degeneration is because of gravity and posture. If posture is poor over the lifespan, gravity can cause joints and bones to wear in ways that they normally wouldn’t. Strength training can be very helpful to ameliorate this natural process, but for most, age and gravity will contribute to wear and tear on the bones, which can lead to some bone spurs, an increased likelihood of fractures and other injuries, and more.

#3. Gravity strengthens the bones and joints.

One of the beneficial effects of gravity is that it can help to actually strengthen the bones and joints, as well as the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Because gravity creates a downward force on the body, it naturally encourages the body to develop resilience and strength when standing upright. This process is not usually noticeable to most people, but some do feel the weight of gravity when maintaining an upright posture. This is often because there is already spinal misalignment present in the spine, which makes standing upright difficult. Additionally, muscle weakness may make it difficult to maintain an upright posture against gravity.

#4. Gravity and injuries.

Gravity can make injuries more impactful—especially falls! Because gravity is what pulls things to the core of the earth, when the body loses its footing or is otherwise involved in a fall, gravity is the force that causes your body to hit the ground.

Gravity naturally plays a role in injuries, as the psychics of our planet, our body size and shape, and the severity of our fall all play a role in how much we’re harmed when we experience a fall. It’s important to keep in mind that gravity in itself is relatively harmless, but when combined with a trip, slip and fall, or another kind of stumbling block, it can cause severe injury.

The best way to avoid falling at any age is to ensure that environments and areas are free of small items and fall risks—anything that can be tripped over, move suddenly on its own, or require an unusual movement to avoid.

Chiropractic Care and Gravity

To combat the negative effects of gravity, and make the most of the body-strengthening effect that gravity can provide, chiropractic care is the perfect solution. Chiropractic care can improve your overall health and wellness by affecting all the systems of the body positively but is particularly helpful for the bones and joints of the body (which often experience wear and tear from gravity’s effects).

Regular chiropractic care can help to correct any bones and joints that have become misaligned over time, as well as improve the function of all body systems associated with the nervous system—this includes the cardiovascular system, digestive system, immune system, muscular system, and respiratory systems.

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