How Chiropractic Care Can Help with Chronic Pain

One of the primary reasons we seek medical care is when we experience pain. Pain is a vital function in the body because it protects us from unnecessary injury and alerts us to any underlying health issues we need to address. If pain becomes a chronic issue, lasting more than 6 weeks, it can completely alter the way we perceive pain and drastically affect our quality of life.

In an ideal world, chronic pain would be preventable with proper initial care for an injury or disease. The chance of recovery is significantly better when you understand how pain works and quickly address your current pain issues (rather than ignoring them and hoping they go away).

Chronic pain affects brain function

The way the brain (and other neural tissues in the body) perceives pain is often completely changed with chronic pain. Some of issues that occur that tend to aggravate and perpetuate the chronic pain include:

  • Extreme sensitivity to stimulus such as touch or simple movements
  • The perception of pain even when there is no direct stimulus
  • Guarded or altered movement patterns in an attempt to avoid pain
  • Altered mental status secondary to intense focus on the pain
  • Loss of quality of life due to limited tolerance or complete avoidance of normal daily activities

There is one common thread with chronic pain no matter what is causing it. The way the brain is perceiving pain has been altered and led to overactivity and/or dysfunction. Unfortunately, this has led to a health condition that is very stigmatized and widely misunderstood. Often, people suffering from chronic pain can be left feeling hopeless when their doctors don’t take their complaints seriously or simply prescribe them pain medications that further affect their quality of life.

Chiropractic care can help with chronic pain

Many treatment options for chronic pain are palliative in nature and do not address the true underlying problems. This is where Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) an expert-based, deeply-researched approach can potentially help you find true sustainable relief for your chronic pain. This is done by addressing the changes in the nervous system. Often, poor neural health can be directly correlated to foundational issues with spine misalignment.

When the spine is misaligned it leads to poor nerve energy and completely alters the way the brain and spinal cord modulate body functions. In fact, without the trained eye of a CBP practitioner many of us don’t even realize we are suffering from spine misalignment until we seek proper care. When spine alignment is restored, it allows the brain to better perceive and match pain signals it receives from the body. This allows for proper healing and better coping strategies for dealing with chronic pain as you work toward a full recovery.

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