How Chiropractic Care Can Help Relieve Shoulder Pain

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Relieve Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common complaint amongst people. In fact, in the U.S., it’s one of the leading pain-related health issues that cause disability. Yet, many people are not aware that chiropractic care can be effective when it comes to treating various shoulder problems. Chiropractors are not only experts of the spine but they also understand how the entire musculoskeletal system works, including the structures of the shoulder.

Keep reading if you are wondering how chiropractic care can help relieve shoulder pain. Thus, next time when shoulder pain hits, you will know what to expect from seeing a chiropractor.

Understanding the Potential Causes of Shoulder Pain

Before we jump right into the chiropractic treatment options, it’s important to understand what can lead to the onset of shoulder pain. Since the shoulder is a complicated joint that we use in our everyday lives for many tasks, a wide variety of causes can initiate pain in this area of the body. Here are a few of the most common causes:

  • Injury due to repetitive use or overuse
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Poor posture
  • Weakness of shoulder muscles
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Spine misalignment

As you can see, many causes are related to biomechanical problems such as poor movement patterns or various imbalances within the body. Unfortunately, these issues can be overlooked very easily since even subtle changes in the alignment of the spine or shoulder can lead to shoulder pain.

Common Treatment Methods for Shoulder Pain

The good news is that chiropractors are trained to detect even the smallest imbalances in the musculoskeletal system during their holistic assessment of the body. This way, your chiropractor can identify what the underlying cause is that initiated your shoulder pain.

Once your chiropractor arrives at a diagnosis, it’s time to start the treatment for your shoulder pain. Chiropractors use many treatment options depending on the cause, the severity of the pain, and your health goals. These treatment options may include:

  • Adjustments to the spine or the shoulder
  • Posture training
  • Exercise program
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • In-depth education

When it comes to seeing a chiropractor, the best is to seek treatment for shoulder pain as early as possible. This way, you can prevent your pain symptoms from evolving into chronic pain that could ultimately decrease your quality of life and your ability to participate in your daily activities as well. If you are looking for long-lasting results, chiropractors who specialize in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) may be the absolute best choice for you. They have received additional training in a scientific protocol that can help them address underlying body imbalances in your shoulder pain holistically.

Find a CBP Provider

Now that you understand how chiropractic care can help with your shoulder-related health issues, the next step is to find a chiropractor. If you live near Las Vegas, NV, the whole team at Advanced Spine and Posture is CBP-certified. Consider giving their office a call and scheduling an appointment. They are ready to help you relieve your shoulder pain and optimize your shoulder function so that you can enjoy your life again without being in pain!

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