Corrective Traction

Our team of chiropractors are experts at correcting the spine utilizing correction traction methods to help reshape the spine back into its normal curvature.

Poor posture and a deformed spine have taken years to form, or been caused by a sudden and forceful impact. To correct this, it takes a small but consistent force to help reverse the damage.

Corrective chiropractic care is all about addressing the root cause of pain, and by methodically applying such force to the exact area of concern, our chiropractors are able to get incredible results, which translate into great health for our patients.

traction therapy

Why is traction therapy important?

As the only known conservative method used to restore normal curves to the spine, traction is a necessary and important part of your chiropractic care. It is simply a sustained force applied to the spine in a specific direction for the purpose of restoring normal spinal position, similar to orthodonture.

These traction forces are necessary to reduce abnormal spinal curvatures and correct abnormal postures, and will provide increased stability to damaged spines. To ensure proper application, safety and effective care, spinal traction should only be applied by a practitioner certified in CBP® or Clinical Biomechanics of Posture®.

Undergoing traction therapy

Our CBP® Doctors are trained to determine the proper time for traction therapy to begin without any increase in symptoms.

It has probably taken many years to develop abnormal spinal positions; therefore, it will take some time to return the posture back to normal. Traction forces will be applied to the neck, back or both areas to achieve optimal spinal correction.

This type of care will be slowly introduced. As such, it is important to keep an open line of communication with your CBP® Doctor. If, at any time, there is an increase in symptoms, it is important to notify the doctor to determine modifications in force application or duration of traction.

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