Chiropractic as Integrated Medicine: Helping You on the Road to Wellness

Chiropractic as Integrated Medicine

It’s easy to think that an injury like a broken leg only affects the leg. You assume that once the bone heals, you’ll be all better. However, that’s not how it works. Traumatic injuries are liable to affect multiple parts of the body. For example, if you have a broken leg, your spine can’t be properly supported by both legs and will force other parts of the body to pick up the slack. This can cause a myriad of health problems down the road if you don’t properly care for your spine’s health after an injury.

Seeking medical help with just an isolated issue isn’t enough. That’s where integrated medicine comes in. While a general physician or specialty practitioner may be able to resolve the initial problem, it takes a chiropractor to integrate spinal care and rehabilitation.

Chiropractic is an effective complementary treatment for many patients, no matter the nature of the more prominent injury. Advanced Spine and Posture is your Las Vegas, NV spinal health expert, seasoned at delivering complementary and integrated care for your spine. We help make sure a resolution to your injury is one that also supports your spine.

Integrated medicine and rehabilitation

Integrated medicine combines traditional medical care with preventative and alternative therapies. For example, if you have a heart condition, you might need to see a specialist to pinpoint the problem. However, other treatments such as chiropractic can be helpful in restoring central nervous system health. Let’s say you’re recovering from a stroke. Spinal manipulation can be surprisingly effective in restoring nervous system function because of the spine’s role in transmitting nerve signals throughout the body.

Chiropractic is a “whole patient” approach that doesn’t isolate problems to individual bones or organs. Many patients visit a chiropractor seeking relief from localized pain, not realizing proper spinal health could also work alongside care they’re receiving for other ailments. This is one of the many reasons a chiropractor practicing Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) will do a patient interview to learn more about the total health of a person before treatment begins.

Treating the whole person

Chiropractic is more than just random spinal manipulation. A tenured chiropractor understands how different areas of the spine play a role in different areas of overall health. After a thorough consultation, a chiropractor will pair this knowledge with a patient’s unique situation in an effort to deliver integrated care for their ailments.

Chiropractors may create low-impact exercise programs, design a nutritious diet plan, perform soft-tissue therapy, or manipulate the spine. All this is intended to be a low-intervention form of healing that doesn’t require medication or surgery. It’s an active but conservative approach to condition management, with the aim of encouraging long-term healing. That’s why chiropractic as integrated medicine can serve as a complementary function to more traditional forms of treatment.

Interested in learning more about integrated medicine? The expert team at Advanced Spine and Posture is here to help. We’re knowledgeable experts on integrated medicine in Las Vegas, NV, dedicated to helping patients recover from whatever is ailing them. Contact us to learn more or schedule a free consultation.

Chiropractic BioPhysics, or CBP, is one of the most scientific, researched, and results-oriented corrective care techniques. CBP-trained chiropractors aim to realign the spine back to health, eliminating nerve interference and addressing the source of pain, fatigue, and disease. As with all chiropractic care, CBP is gentle, painless, and non-invasive.[/av_textblock]

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