Chiropractic Care Can Help You Breathe Again

Chiropractic Care Can Help You Breathe Again

Have you ever found yourself feeling short of breath, chronically tired and fatigued, or light headed? If that sounds like you, it’s possible that your body could be not breathing efficiently. Sometimes, when breathing is strained, it is difficult for oxygen to be transported throughout the body effectively. Breathing problems are very common in the US and across the globe, but the good news is that chiropractic care can help you breathe again!

About Lung Disease

In the US alone, over 35 million people will suffer from lung disease every year. These diseases are common, in fact, you probably know someone with them. They include asthma, COPD, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. There are many other people who struggle with breathing every day, but never receive an official medical diagnosis. This can be because of environmental factors, undiagnosed conditions, allergies, physical anatomy and weight, anxiety and or digestive pain, and infections (bacterial or viral) that can produce inflammation and impair the breathing action.

For some people, they don’t even realize that their breathing quality has decreased, because it can happen so slowly over time. Instead, they may simply find that they often feel exhausted or fatigued, are feeling constant forgetfulness and brain fog, or no longer have the physical performance that they used to, meaning that they have lost energy and endurance. Other people may be aware that they have a diagnosis related to their breathing and lungs, but feel they have no choice but to live with it. This is particularly true for those who are diagnosed with lung disease at an early age.

Breathing is important—here’s why:

#1. Breathing affects your mood.

Did you know that breathing can affect your whole mood? The part of the brain that controls the survival response (better known as “fight or flight”) is highly responsive to the depth and quality of your breathing process. Shallow breathing can trigger constant anxiety, fear, anger, or aggression, without the breather even realizing it.

When breathing is deep and regulated, and the oxygen levels in the body are increased, brain scans and research indicate that mood can be significantly increased. This can help the breather to feel lighter, more positive, more creative, more alert, and more relaxed.

#2. Breathing improves how well other body systems perform.

As we know, breathing is critical for survival. Without breathing, we have no chance of life. But breathing (respiration) isn’t as “all or nothing” as we’ve been led to believe. Half-breaths, impaired quality of breathing, breath holding, or the impacts of lung disease (shallow breathing) can all cause other systems in the body to be impaired, functioning at less than their optimal capacity. This means that while most people are breathing well enough to survive, they’re probably not breathing well enough to thrive.

People who have optimal breathing quality, those whose breathing is powerful and deep, regulated and not rapid, are able to quickly adapt to stress, unexpected events, and physical and mental demands. Important body systems like the cardiovascular system, the immune system, and the muscular system are all reliant on the lungs to receive the energy needed to function as efficiently as possible. Energy is needed for all physical activities, whether than be sitting, running, standing, sleeping, working, or just thinking.

Other tasks that are internal body tasks also require energy, like digesting, eliminating waste, sleeping, and the maintenance of the heart’s rate and rhythm. Brain function, immune function, and overall sensory perception are all reliant on the quality of breathing to work their very best.

#3. Breathing influences aging and quality of life.

Breathing can affect how well your body functions, and how well you feel in your body (your mood). Your quality of life is directly influenced by how you feel most of the time, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Additionally, breathing has been shown to impact how the body ages over time. Deeper, more regulated breathing is associated with much higher outcomes in youthfulness, flexibility, health, and overall wellness.

How Chiropractic Improves Breathing

One of the first ways that chiropractic can help make your breathing more efficient is by decreasing stagnation in the body. Chiropractic care allows direct manipulation of the tissues and joints of the body, which are areas that often are full of toxins and uncirculated cellular waste and other material. Chiropractic helps to purge these areas and allows the body to recirculate and eliminate the waste, as well as transport the oxygen delivered by the lungs much more effectively.

Just as chiropractic can help to decrease stagnation in the body, it can also improve circulation. This can help to move lymphatic fluid and newly oxygenated blood. These places in the body can be widespread, ranging from the muscles to the bones and joints, tissues, ligaments, tendons, and more.

Chiropractic can reduce the pressure that bones place on the organs. This is most common in the case of scoliosis, where an s-shaped curve can cause the spine to distort. When chiropractic corrects this curvature, it can improve the entire function of the body, allow the lungs to breathe easier, and help overall balance.

Finally, and most importantly, chiropractic can regulate the nervous system. The nervous system is the operating system that controls every other process in the body. That includes breathing, the effectiveness of the lungs, and the way that oxygenated blood is distributed throughout the body. Chiropractic can improve the function of the nervous system by decreasing inflammation of nerves, eliminating pain, and improving brain function. When the nervous system is properly regulated, it will produce signals to the respiratory system (which include the lungs) to function optimally.

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