Chiropractic Care and Managing Headaches
Managing Headaches by Chiropractic care

A headache is a very common pain problem that most of us will deal with on occasion. Headaches can range from a small inconvenience to a completely debilitating condition. Regardless, a headache and the dull aching pain that often comes with it are no fun. Having a good treatment regime in place will help you stay on top of your head pain with minimal down time.

Risk factors correlated with headaches

There are many different factors that can cause headaches, these include:

  • Muscle strain from overuse or exertion
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Poor sleep and generalized fatigue
  • Inadequate stress management
  • Hunger (especially low blood sugar)
  • Poor posture (chronic)
  • Caffeine or sugar withdrawals
  • Poor diet
  • Chronic diseases
  • Allergies causing irritation of the sinuses
  • Trauma to the neck or head

Traditional headache management

Typically, pain medications are the first line of defense against headaches. If absolutely necessary, other modalities for pain relief are usually used like ice and heat. Occasionally, lifestyle changes will be recommended to. Unfortunately, without an in-depth understanding of what the underlying cause is for your headache, treatment will never have any long term benefits.

What lifestyle adjustments need to be made for sustainable headache relief will vary from person to person. For example, the most common headache trigger is tension in the head and neck. A tension headache usually requires extensive education in posture, proper exercise, and possibly weight management. Yet, regardless of the trigger there is often one major root cause that can be addressed with chiropractic care.

How chiropractic care can make a difference

One of the primary issues always underlying a headache is the function of the nervous system (aka brain and spinal cord). The main reason that dysfunction occurs in our neural tissues is from spinal misalignment. Without a trained eye, it can be hard to recognize spine misalignment that is leading to poor nerve energy flow. Whenever the nerves are compromised, it can lead to maladaptive pain receptors and signals in the head and neck that lead to a headache.

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is a results-oriented, research-backed approach for treating spine misalignment holistically and non-invasively. The entire elite team at Advanced Spine and Posture in Las Vegas, NV can help you address these issues head on (no pun intended). When common issues like poor posture, trauma and lifestyle choices are affecting your quality of life due to headaches, the first step is re-establishing proper nerves signals. This decreases the risk of neural hypersensitivity and allows the brain (and spinal cord) to better modulate any signals it is receiving from the head and neck. Plus, better alignment will minimize any direct strain to the head and neck as well.

There is so much potential for better quality of life when the spine is in good alignment. It can potentially resolve your issues with headaches while restoring overall vitality to the body for all major functions. Talk to a CBP practitioner today.

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