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Chiropractic Can Help Activate Your CoreIt’s hardly news that professional sports teams regularly employ chiropractors to assist their athletes. For example, all 32 teams in the National Football League have chiropractors on staff, as do 27 of 30 Major League Baseball teams and most National Basketball Association teams.

Athletes from Tiger Woods to Arnold Schwarzenegger have touted chiropractic.
Meanwhile, studies have shown that chiropractic can enhance athletic performance and prevent injuries.

A 1991 study divided 50 athletes into two groups. One group received chiropractic care; the other did not. The athletes were then tested in 11 different areas, including agility, balance, perception of body movement, power, and reaction time.

After six weeks, the group under chiropractic care improved significantly in all 11 areas. The control group measured only minor changes in eight of the 11 tests.

In 2014, a New Zealand study explained one possible reason behind the earlier findings. According to research conducted at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, failure to properly activate your core muscles can lead to spinal injuries.

Dr Heidi Haavik, director of research at the college, said this happens because the brain fails to predict what is going to happen during certain movements. She theorizes that this is due to poor coordination of the nervous system. However, she suggests, chiropractic apparently improves the brain’s ability to engage the core muscles appropriately, thus stabilizing the spine.

If you’re a weekend warrior, you might want to add chiropractic to your training regimen. Your nervous system plays an essential role in your body, by transmitting messages from the brain to every muscle, bone and organ. Chiropractic Las Vegas keeps the communication system operating at peak efficiency, by eliminating spinal misalignments that put pressure on the nerves and interfere with their ability to communicate with the body.

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