Can Chiropractic Help After My Car Accident?

Can chiropractic help after my car accident?

If you’ve ever been in a vehicle accident, you know they can be both extremely dangerous or completely harmless. Every year, approximately 5.25 million automobile accidents occur in the United States, which translates to about one car accident every 60 seconds. While the severity of these mishaps may differ, there is always an effect on a person’s body as a result of or following a vehicle collision, even if it is only a fender bender. Chiropractic therapy can help regardless of when the effects of a motor-vehicle collision manifest themselves immediately or after an accident has occurred.

Here are some of the ailments or losses that can occur as a result of a vehicle accident, and how chiropractic therapy may help you recover more quickly and less painfully.

Whiplash and Misalignment

What Happens:

The head and neck can be thrown violently to the side, forwards, or backwards during an automobile accident. This may lead to subluxation (misalignment) of joints, bruising, straining, and a variety of other injuries.

You may still feel pain, soreness, and other symptoms as a result of whiplash and misalignment after receiving medical attention to assess the severity of your injuries. A chiropractor can assist you in reducing pain and symptoms associated with the injury by offering specific therapy for your requirements.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help:

Once the source of the symptoms and discomfort is identified, chiropractic treatment can successfully address whiplash and misalignment. Your chiropractor will perform a thorough examination to determine what part of the neck and spinal column has been damaged, after which provide the best therapy. Traction may be used to realign vertebrae and joints, as well as restore nerve connection and energy flow (as well as increase circulation), all while prescribed exercises are used to help complement care that can be done at home.

Shoulder and Collarbone Pain

What Happens:

Because of the force that can be inflicted by a vehicle accident, it’s not unusual to experience residual shoulder or collar bone discomfort, particularly if a seatbelt was draped over these regions during the collision. A car accident might result in shoulder and collarbone bruising, as well as bone fractures or breaks in severe circumstances. Medical care should be sought right away if any fractures or breaks have occurred.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help:

If you’ve been in a car accident and worn your seatbelt during the collision, visit a chiropractor for shoulder discomfort or collarbone pain. Chiropractic treatment can help to relieve tension in surrounding areas as well as the region itself through various modalities of therapy. Your chiropractor may utilize manual tissue release, a standard chiropractic adjustment, or traction on the local area depending on the situation. Relief might be seen from only one session in specific instances.

Slipped and Misaligned Ribs

What Happens:

Ribs are another area of the body that is frequently directly affected by impact as a result of the majority of seatbelts being positioned in most automobiles. If you have rib discomfort as a consequence of an automobile accident, it’s very probable that your body impacted the seatbelt or something else in the vehicle, such as an airbag, purse, item being kept on the lap, etc.
A rib may be displaced externally (in contact with an object) or internally (as a result of a fast diaphragmatic contraction or expansion). This is an unpleasant sensation that might cause radiating pain, soreness, and discomfort to the touch, as well as significant agony and difficulty breathing until the rib is replaced.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help:

Chiropractors can assist realign and reposition slipped ribs, giving significant pain relief. If you’re seeking a chiropractor that can help with rib discomfort or misalignment after an auto accident, make sure to specify when the pain began (if applicable). This allows your chiropractor to see whether touching the affected rib directly is reasonable, or whether a more invasive approach like manipulation of a nearby region would be more effective and pleasant.

Chronic Back and Neck Pain

What Happens:

The neck and back are the most prevalent locations of damage in a car accident. This is due to the fact that, while the neck and back do absorb much of the impact in a collision, neither are structurally capable of withstanding such a powerful blow without repercussions.

The injury could be caused by a car accident, but it’s more likely to be a front or rear collision. A collision on the opposite side of the automobile (t-bone, side-swipe, or any other combination of two vehicles colliding) can result in neck and back discomfort.

Back and neck discomfort caused by a vehicle accident might be due to subluxation (misalignment), cramped or inflamed nerves, strained or overly tense muscles, or fractures or breaks. Any fractured or broken bones should be examined by a medical expert as soon as possible.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help:

Consider sharing the specifics of your vehicle accident with a chiropractor if you seek treatment for back or neck pain. This will allow them to understand the angle at which the vehicle hit your car or body, allowing them to decide how best to treat it.

A chiropractor for neck or back pain will first do a complete examination to see if your joints were misaligned as a consequence of the vehicle accident, whether any pre-existing subluxations in your joints have been exacerbated by the impact, and to identify the source of your discomfort. Once your chiropractor understands the cause of your suffering, they’ll choose the finest treatment option for you. This might include spinal traction therapy, adjustments, manual tissue manipulation (MTM), scar tissue therapy, physical therapy, and other alternatives.

Herniated Discs

What Happens:

When the soft part of the inner spinal cord is dislodged, a herniated disc occurs. The soft tissue (known as a “disc”) may protrude from the outer shell where it is usually kept and press on surrounding nerves and tissues, which can be extremely unpleasant. Nerve discomfort, numbness, and weakness in the limbs or back might result as a consequence of this.

A herniated disc can be the consequence of a vehicle accident, when the force of the collision causes a spinal vertebrae to push into the spinal canal. This might result in persistent nerve pain in the back (usually lower back or neck.)

How Chiropractic Care Can Help:

Provided that the herniation does not go far enough to necessitate surgery, a chiropractor can help with herniated discs.

Chiropractic care can provide pain alleviation, assist in the return of the disc to its proper position in the spinal cord, and decrease pressure on neighboring nerve bundles that might cause discomfort, numbness, tingling, or other symptoms.

A chiropractor can use a variety of methods and procedures to help relieve herniated discs. These include hands-on treatment, traction, light or sound therapy, exercise routines, and more.

Ankle, Knee, and Foot Pain

What Happens:

Occasionally, automobile or motorcycle accidents can damage the ankles, feet, and knees. Chiropractic treatment may help with ankle, knee, and foot discomfort caused by an auto accident by excluding fractures and breaks. These kinds of injuries vary greatly; they might include sprains and strains, nerve pain, inflammation, weakness in the region or surrounding area (including the toes), numbness or tingling, among other things.

The ankle, feet, and knees are the three most common joints affected by automobile accidents. The interior of the vehicle may be crushed or the ankle, feet, and knee areas exposed while driving if a severe impact is sustained to the point that the inside of the car was crushed (common when operating a motorbike). Impacting these regions might cause long-term discomfort and pain.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help:

The chiropractor will examine the area to determine the source of the pain. This is often caused by inflammation (as a consequence of injury), and misalignment as a result of impact. The doctor may adjust the region as needed, depending on the cause of discomfort, and give therapy accordingly.


What Happens:

It is possible to begin suffering from headaches and migraines days or weeks after a vehicle accident. If you have a persistent headache following an automobile accident, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible: brain damage, concussions, and local fractures can all produce headaches and migraines.

If no neurological damage or other underlying concern has been detected, your headache might be caused by a pinched nerve, stress and trauma, whiplash, muscle strain, or fatigue. A chiropractor can help you alleviate discomfort, relieve tension, and promote healing and recovery by treating any of these problems.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help:

If you go to a chiropractor for migraines and headaches, make sure he or she checks for any brain damage as a result of the auto accident first. Based on your symptoms, where you are feeling pain, the level of discomfort, and any global physical issues that may be exacerbating your discomfort, your expert chiropractor will decide the ideal form of therapy.

Chiropractic care for migraines frequently starts with joint subluxation adjustment. When subluxation and misalignment are remedied, migraines and persistent headaches may go away or reduce significantly. The return of nerve connections throughout the neck, head, and spine aids in the body’s energy flow and function. Although it is still unclear what causes migraines (besides external factors), studies show that chiropractic treatment can provide long-term comfort.

Seeking Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident

Chiropractic treatment can benefit you if you’ve been hurt in a vehicle accident or are still feeling pain from a seemingly minor (or severe) collision.

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