Can Chiropractic Care Encourage Healing After a Back Injury?

Can Chiropractic Care Encourage Healing After a Back Injury?

Have you been in an accident or experienced a back injury either recently or some time in the past? Are you living with a herniated disk, a soft tissue injury, or lingering pain from a fracture? Unfortunately, most people feel that they have no other option than to live in chronic pain after suffering a back injury. Back injuries don’t just contribute to residual back pain—they may also result in a loss of function, flexibility, and mobility. Long term pain and discomfort can contribute to a host of psychological and physical stresses, exacerbating other conditions and imbalances within the body and causing unnecessary distress and strain.

When individuals who have been suffering with injury-related back pain visit a chiropractor for the first time, they typically don’t have healing or long-term recovery in mind. Particularly for those experiencing chronic pain, patients often visit a chiropractor’s office with the hope of pain-relief, which they usually experience as a result of treatment. So, how does chiropractic care contribute to pain relief? Is chiropractic care just a “quick-fix” to help those suffering with pain survive from one appointment to the next?

Here’s how chiropractic care can encourage genuine healing after back injury.

Encouraging Circulation and Detoxification

The body naturally detoxifies itself—this is a normal process which occurs on a cellular level and usually requires no outside intervention to occur. When there is injury or imbalance in the body, however, the process of detoxification can become more difficult to fully carry out. When this occurs, the immune system can become strained, and natural immune responses like inflammation can actually become detrimental.


Inflammation is a natural immune response to injury and infection. Inflammation occurs when the body identifies an area that is out of balance or damaged, and deploys a variety of cells to carry out and dissolve dead or damaged cells, defeat bacteria or viruses, and build new and healthy cells which are destined to become healthy new tissue. Unfortunately, inflammation can occur globally within the body when it is under constant stress. Stress can be the result of an injury, an ongoing infection, psychological distress, hormonal imbalance, or any number of other environmental, lifestyle, or physical factors. When the body is stressed, immune function initially spikes in an attempt to restore homeostasis. If the body is not properly rested, nourished, or is experiencing some other external factor which prevents full recovery, immune function may not be supported sufficiently. As a result, inflammation and other immune responses are never dialed back down to normal levels. Chronic immune responses can appear as chronic pain, chronically enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, face, and head, digestive dysfunction, lethargy, and more.

Inflammation contributes to back pain and other symptoms of imbalance in the body in several ways. First, prolonged inflammation can impede cell detoxification and upregulate or downregulate cell division and multiplication. Chronic inflammation can irritate tissues, ligaments, joints, and organs and their function. Depending on where the inflammation is manifesting in the body, it can exacerbate other conditions, creating strain in the entire area. When inflammation creates pain in the back, it is often the result of injury that has not completely healed, or subluxation (misalignment) resulting from an injury that has never been corrected. Chiropractic care helps to mitigate inflammation by correcting and realigning bones that have shifted out of their ideal locations. When bones are realigned and joints have been relieved of pressure, inflammation naturally decreases. This relieves tissues, ligaments and muscles which have been disproportionately strained over time by attempting to compensate for the misalignment.


In addition to naturally decreasing inflammation, chiropractic care also aids in the process of cellular detoxification. Detoxification in the body is a vital and ongoing process. When bones and joints are misaligned, this can actually disrupt the process of cell detoxification. Misalignment is interpreted by the body as injury (and frequently originates from injury), so when bones and joints are out of place, the body triggers an inflammatory response localized to that area. In addition to the reduction of detoxification that inflammation creates, the imbalance created by the structural misalignment can actually place undue pressure on the muscles, ligaments, tissues, and organs in the area.

When an expert chiropractor facilitates an adjustment on misaligned bones and joints, there is immediate relief to the local area. Cell turnover rates are allowed to regulate and normalize, inflammation is decreased, and the body can transport any dead, dying, or damaged cells from the areas which were previously stagnant and blocked.


Similar to the mechanisms by which inflammation is decreased and detoxification is increased, chiropractic care also improves circulation. In terms of circulation, chiropractic care directly affects two major fluids in the body—blood cells and lymphatic fluid. Both blood and lymphatic fluid tend to collect in areas where structural imbalances and injury are occuring or have occurred as a result of inflammation. This stifles circulation and creates stagnation in the area, particularly if misalignment is impeding neural pathways and blood vessels. Expect chiropractic alignments help to move bones and joints back into their optimal alignment. When this occurs, neural pathways and blood vessels are restored to full or vastly improved capacity. This improvement in circulation can boost both immune function and heart and lung efficiency, creating higher oxygen levels in the extremities, better mobility and flexibility, and higher levels of function.

Chiropractic Care and Healing

Because of the ways in which chiropractic care helps rebalance the body’s structure, alleviate inflammation, improve circulation, and increase detoxification, chiropractic care can be considered a highly effective healing modality.

Rather than produce superficial relief of symptoms and pain, chiropractic care helps to actually address the underlying imbalances that are occurring within the body. When inflammation is decreased, circulation is improved, and detoxification is more efficient, genuine healing and recovery can finally occur in the body. This may mean speeding recovery from an injury, the alleviation of chronic pain, enhanced flexibility and mobility, and even improved cognitive function.

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