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Las Vegas — Dr. Jason Jaeger, D.C., administrative director at Advanced Spine and Posture, has authored a peer-reviewed medical paper which concludes that postures people use repeatedly on a daily basis can quickly cause permanent changes in their neck and spine, directly impacting not only their health but the duration of their lives.

The British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research published the paper today.

“Think about the amount of time that you spend on a smartphone,” Dr. Jason Jaeger said. “With our old flip phones, we would typically hold them up to our ear. With a modern smartphone, however, the usual position is below the center of the chest while typing furiously. More importantly, the neck is constantly craned. Think of children, students and business men and women spending all of this time each day with their neck craned and shoulders hunched forward, which further constricts the muscles of the chest.”

In his paper, titled “Non-surgical Reduction of Thoracic Hyper-kyphosis in a 24-year old Music Teacher Utilizing Chiropractic BioPhysics® Technique,” Dr. Jaeger states that this common posture is a recipe for disaster.

“We are literally changing the shape of our spines and it results in early morbidity or death,” Dr. Jaeger said. “It is a looming health catastrophe. The fallout is on the horizon.”

The paper is a single case study in which a violinist and music teacher practiced on a daily basis, and her posture led to a notable constriction in lung capacity. The case study suggests a larger approach, according to Dr. Jaeger, regarding how posture affects overall health and can lead to an early death.

In examining possible ways to reverse these effects, two key predictors of longevity are lung capacity and flexibility of the spine and waist. Conventional cures are somewhat limited, typically either surgery or prescription pills (which won’t do anything for the underlying problem but may have a temporary effect on the chronic pain that eventually emerges).

In medical centers of excellence including San Francisco and Seattle, there is an emerging trend toward the use of focused, applied exercises combined with regular sessions using traction as well as chiropractic manipulation.

“Like most of these centers, we use cutting-edge diagnostic equipment including open-ended X-ray machines that show the patient standing so we can see the way the alignment of their frame is under pressure,” Dr. Jaeger said. “These detailed X-rays not only tell us what’s wrong, they also give our experts a quick path on how to address these issues.”

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