Auto or Motorcycle Accidents

Have you been involved in a car accident or motorcycle accident? If not treated, spinal misalignments will lead to nerve interference, additional pain, and prolonged health problems.

Did you know that most auto accident victims may not feel pain for days, weeks, or even months after the date of the accident – only to begin feeling discomfort out of the blue?

This is because a misaligned spine will gradually exert force on the nerves, tissues, and tendons over time, and only surfaces once the condition has worsened enough for your body to feel it. That’s why addressing the problem immediately is key to recovery.

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The science

Even small “fender bender” car collisions where there are no visible signs of damage to the vehicle can generate enough g-force, or force of gravity, to damage the delicate anatomical structures of the head, neck and spine. In fact, while a jet plane exerts about 9 g’s of velocity change on your spine, a 36 mile per hour collision exerts over 10 g’s while a 6 mile per hour collision exerts over 13 g’s.

This is caused by a change in velocity (moving objects abruptly colliding and stopping) combined with the vehicle’s “crush” factor. Newer model vehicles are designed to leave occupants “room to live.” This is accomplished by the front and rear of the vehicles crushing and absorbing the force of the collision. At 6 miles per hour, the vehicles involved in the accident do not crush. As a result, the force goes through the human occupant.

Ironically, emergency room doctors will routinely tell a patient injured in an auto collision that he or she is okay, typically meaning that the spine did not fracture. They are not speaking to whether the neck curve or spine ligaments are damaged. In many cases, problems associated with these injuries may remain dormant for days or even weeks before they manifest, especially in low speed car collisions..

Treatment options

Treatment for injuries can be covered by your automobile medical payment insurance policy, or in the absence of coverage, our offices can discuss your rights and options for payment.

Our team of chiropractic physicians are Fellowship Trained in Clinical Biomechanics, and have served thousands of auto injured patients in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Grand Rapids for over a decade, and can help you and your loved ones recover from your auto accident injuries.

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