Advanced Spine and Posture Launches National Mega-Website

4 Chiropractic Locations in Nevada and Michigan - Advanced Spine and Posture

Las Vegas, Nevada — Advanced Spine and Posture (ASP), an advanced chiropractic clinic also specializing in physical therapy and regenerative medicine, has just launched its new mega-website to better serve its large and rapidly-expanding patient base. With four (4) clinics located throughout the United States, ASP is prepared to continue providing cutting-edge wellness treatments, including Chiropractic BioPhysics, to help satisfy the ever-growing wellness needs of the modern world.

Advanced Spine and Posture initiated its digital presence a few years ago with smaller individual websites for each clinic located in North Las Vegas, NV, Midtown Las Vegas, NV, Henderson, NV, and Grand Rapids, MI. As the clinics continued to grow and the brand rapidly acquired more popularity, support, and demand, Advanced Spine and Posture’s owner and CEO recognized that it was time to rethink the future of ASP’s virtual identity. To aid in building a new digital presence, prominent chiropractic branding expert MyChiroPractice of Southern California was solicited to develop a comprehensive mega-website.

“We want our brand to feel more unified, our clinics to be united, and for our patients to recognize us as a single national brand,” said Dr Jason Jaeger, founder of Advanced Spine and Posture (ASP), adding “by combining all of our clinic websites into one single website, we feel we can move forward with a consistent look and tone, providing our visitors with one streamlined location for information about our services, our staff, our locations, informative blogs, and special offers.”

In accordance with Dr Jason Jaeger’s vision, the websites,, and, which were formerly each individual websites representing their respective clinics, have been consolidated under the single domain to create a complete experience.

Today, has officially launched its mega-website, and the new website will henceforth be the face of Advanced Spine and Posture’s national brand of clinics. In addition to supporting unity and ease-of-use, the website redesign also reflects ASP’s continued evolution and expansion as a top in-demand chiropractic clinic in the Las Vegas metropolitan area and parts of Michigan. With more clinics being added in early 2022, Advanced Spine and Posture’s new website arrives at the perfect time to serve as one consolidated online presence for each of its future additions.

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